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Ok. This is a lengthy question but any expertise is appreciated in advance.

I am building my first PC.  My first step was to select a good case (good brand).  I found that is the best and most affordable cases and they have a large selection.  The next question was which one/brand?  I have found and heard from word of mouth to not go with a case with a built in PSU.  If it does come with one, I was advised to pull it out and replace it with a good one.

I have heard that a lot of PSU manufacturers are stealing juice from the 12V line which in turn puts out more wattage but takes away from that precious voltage.

SO....what brand case would you recommend?  And how much money should or should I not invest in one?  I heard Raidmax was good, but I open for opinions.

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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Where have you heard about stealing juice from the 12V line.  I've never heard ANYTHING like that, anywhere.  I'd say there's no problem with with buying a case with a power supply.  BUT, I would say, don't bother buying it from newegg.  Newegg is great for all the other parts, but for the case, I'd go find a local computer store - CompUSA or Joe's computer shop, whatever is around, and buy the case there.  You'll get a chance to look at the case, see exactly how it's configured, bays, switches, leds, fans, etc.  I also wouldn't spend more than $50+ tax.  UNLESS you want something fancy - like a clear case or some thing with lights (personally, I see no need for that kinda stuff).

Also, I'd pick up a couple of 80mm fans and install them.  Most cases only have the Power supply fan and MAYBE one additional fan.  Given the amount of heat generated by today's hard drives, graphics cards, and CPUs, I'd throw at least one or two more fans in the case.
leew is right it is very nice to be able to see what kind of case you want before you get it but if you are looking for a plain ol beige box newegg is fine. as for the power supply it all depends on what you wanna do with the system, if you are looking to overclock and drop in a new 6800 ultra normally the oem power supplies will not do the job. but again if you are looking for a plain beige box for an office computer they are more than adequate. as for the overlocking gaming machine youll want a better power supply maybe something along the lines of an antec true power 430w they have won all kinds of awards and are rock solid.
It depens on case manufacturer. If case + PSU costs $25, you probably won't get good power supply (which alone can cost twice of that). On the other hand, if you buy good quality case, you get good PSU too. I would recommend Antec, AOpen (espacially H500A), InWin. Be prepared to spent up to 100$ for case, though.
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   My suggestion if you are not looking for a particular style would be to check out the Athenatech cases that newegg caries. These look to have a real well  thought out cooling design and the rails on the power supplies (while not the most powerful at 350w) look fairly stable.

    I live in Europe and so have not had the chance to try them personally, but for the price and the cooling options you get, I would say they look to be well worth it.
rjmiller15Author Commented:
Well, even though the case if $25-$30 and I am replacing the PSU with one you have mentioned, it would not matter right?  

I am not doing gaming, I just need plenty of hard drive space and memory to do websites.
If you replace PSU, you can choose any case that suits you. :)  Just don't replace with *cheap* PSU, because that won't make any sense.
How much HDDs do you plan to install? I would suggest to put them in 5.25 bays and attach 80x80mm  ~2000rpm fan in front of them.

To give you a better ideal of what cases are offered and what features they have check this site:

They have a wonderful guide to help pick cases and P/S's. Every picture lets you click on it for details of each case. the same for each power supply.

Happy Hunting

Here's a link on some prices for a wide range of cases that might have the attrib's you're looking for.

Here's another that has a bunch of articles just on case reviews.

As for the power supply, as they have said above, depending on what type of system you want to put together.

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