Urgent ASAP (Hard disk SCSI failure)

Hello All
I have IBM Ultrastar SCSI hard disk model DDYS-T36950, the hard disk give me Message (start unit request failed) when i make restart and i see the drive in device manger as phisical device what should i do to solve this problem.

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Cyber-DudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to run IBM Drive Fitness Diagnostics;


Post us with the results;

check in the scusi bios if it is detected alright first.
try to run SCSi Card diagnostics to the disk " Verify Disk ", It may take a big While, but it´s worth to try !

Best Regards!
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
The error suggests that the drive has ignored the power on/spin up command. Go to this website:
and set the jumper for "Enable auto spin". That should fix your problem.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
It is also possible that the drive has Auto-start delay set on and the start command is timing out. If that is the case, you can turn off the auto-start delay - see the above site for details.
Check your terminator!
AlexGGGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I recall, DDYSes are prone to logic board (on-disk controller) failures due to overheating (especially in hot environment).
This is a physical chip failure, not repairable without a logic board replacement. Once you are reasonably sure that all software, jumper settings and cabling are fine (pay special attention to SCSI bus termination), there are no options other than replace an on-disk controller. This can be done at home with a set of proper screwdrivers (because it does not involve opening the "platterbox"), but is somewhat risky if you have no experience at all with that.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Split maybe?
Award the points as recommended above.
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