Is there a PATCH for this?


With some programs I get this error:
Director Player 6.0 - This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run

I know trhe solution, but I don't like it.
The solution is to set your paging file to 200mb.

When you have 1GB of ram, the pagefile needs to be 1.8x the amount of ram in your pc, so that is NOT 200 mb :/

Isn't there some sort of patch (but not one that reduces your paging file size) that can fix this problem??
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thunder_mooseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes there is.

Just convince yourself we're right. It's not asking you to DECREASE your page file size. It's telling you that your file isn't big ENOUGH. As myself and ACMP already suggested. You can try and let Windows handle your pagefile size for you instead.

The solution that you read, only means that it is suggested you have at least 200MB of pagefile. It does not mean that it HAS to be 200MB. It's better to let Windows handle it anyway.

Scroll down to "How big should the Page File be" This is what it says:

"There is a great deal of myth surrounding this question. Two big fallacies are:
- The file should be a fixed size so that it does not get fragmented, with minimum and maximum set the same
- The file should be 2.5 times the size of RAM (or some other multiple)

Both are wrong in a modern, single-user system. A machine using Fast User switching is a special case, discussed below.)

Windows will expand a file that starts out too small and may shrink it again if it is larger than necessary, so it pays to set the initial size as large enough to handle the normal needs of your system to avoid constant changes of size. This will give all the benefits claimed for a ‘fixed’ page file. But no restriction should be placed on its further growth."

"For any given workload, the total need for virtual addresses will not depend on the size of RAM alone. It will be met by the sum of RAM and the page file. Therefore in a machine with small RAM, the extra amount represented by page file will need to be larger — not smaller — than that needed in a machine with big RAM."

For a different opinion:

"Once you enter the range of 768 MB to 1 gigabyte (GB) of installed RAM, a page file of 1.5x of installed RAM is more than likely going to be a waste of hard disk space. The exceptions might be if you deal heavily with CAD, database, and music or image editing programs that tax system resources far beyond the average. Check the CCP mentioned above to see if you fall into this category, but it's likely a system with this amount of RAM can benefit from having the page file set to a 2MB minimum lower limit and a upper limit equal to the amount of installed RAM, just in case the CCT surpasses the PMT."

In other words, you don't need such a large page file (1.8 GB) in the first place. Let Windows handle it for you. Windows will dynamically scale the size to fit your needs. You can also try to disable the page file completely, and you might do well to open all the programs you normally use and then see how much memory they use altogether, then make sure that your pagefile + RAM is greater than that.


Hey there,

If the program is asking for at least 3MB of virtual memory then it doesn't want you to REDUCE your page file size, it wants you to INCREASE it. What it's trying to tell you is that you don't have enough virtual memory. There isn't even 3MB free for it to use in.

This sounds fishy to me though. If you run your page file at 1.8x your memory, that must mean that it's already 1.8GB in size. That's pretty big. I recommend letting Windows handle your virtual memory instead of manually setting it.

You've think you've misunderstood the fix for this problem... you need to set the INITIAL pagefile setting to 200MB.
See if that helps.

Set the minimum or initial and maximum setting for virtual memory to 200MB.

Win 98:
Control Panel
System applet
Performance tab
Virtual Memory button
In the Virtual Memory box, set the radial button, “Let me specify my own virtual memory settings”.
Set the min to 200 MB and click the OK button.
You can set the max to whatever you'd like.
Win 2000:
Control Panel
System applet
Advanced Tab
Performance Options button
In the Virtual Memory box, click the change button.
Set the initial size and of virtual memory to 200MB and click the set button.
You can set the max to whatever you'd like.

Win XP:
Control Panel
System applet
Advanced Tab
In the Performance box, click the Settings button.
Advanced Tab
In the Virtual Memory box, click the change button.
Set the initial size of virtual memory to 200MB for the appropriate drive and click the set button.
You can set the max to whatever you'd like.
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Asta CuCommented:
I'm unfamiliar with Director Player 6.0.  What is your Operating System and version?
>you need to set the INITIAL pagefile setting to 200MB

It is not considered good practive to set you pagefile to be dynamicly sized, ie have different minimumand maximum sizes, as this increased the file and disk operations necessary to use you system. This can also lead to excessive fragmentation of the page file which will slow your system further.

as you have 1GB of RAM I guess you're running XP. There are lots of 'soloutions' out there that want you to set you VM to 200MB, but this is not a good idea.  If you have the disk space you could the the VM of 4000MB, but this is also not a good idea. if you page file is too big then Windows will be paging to it unnecessarily and you system will slow down.

If you currently have 'custom' pagefile then setting to 'system managed size' may also work.

You could use taskmanager to see what you memory usage is, if you are inside your physical RAM size then maybe trying to run without a paging file would work.

I think you're just going to have to do a little playing around and see what helps you game and doesn't mess up the rest of your PC.

T-QuestAuthor Commented:
The solution is to set the initial and the maximum setting to 200 mb, that solution I already knew.
The problem is, I don't want to set them to 200 mb, because I have 1GB of memory, so I need 1.8x the amount of ram as paging file size .... and NOT 200mb.

That  is why I asked if there aint another solution where I can leave ma pagefile above 1GB, but the error disapears?
> It is not considered good practive to set you pagefile to be dynamicly sized
While I agree with that, he needs a solution, not good practice.

Now let me set the record straight here. First of all, the positive side of letting windows manage your pagefile is that windows can increase and decrease the pagefile as needed. This is good for applications that may suddenly require a large amount of page space.
It also has it's takes longer to page when windows has to constantly change the size before a program can write to it. ANY tweaking site will tell you for maximum performance, set your MIN and MAX to the SAME value, so it never changes.

If your situation, you have 1GB of ram, and like me, you should have your MIN and MAX set to 1.5GB. Now if I understand you right, this is actually causing an error with your application. What I am suggesting (based on the two sites *I* encountered, is that your minimum should be set to 200MB. I would leave your max at 1.5GB.

With these settings do you still get the error? Does it *only* go away when you set the MIN and the MAX to 200MB???
I would just like to add that opinions on the "correct" page file size are extremely varied, as demonstrated by the two links I posted, both of which offer opposing views to eachother, and simultaneously disagree with what you said above. I think he should test it with Windows managing it (Windows uses 1.5x RAM ANYWAY) and then see if it works. If it doesn't, he can set it to 200MB and see if that works. If it does, he can leave it like that since he has enough RAM anyway. If that doesn't help either, he should open as many applications as he can, and check the RAM and PageFile usage on his system then. After that he can decide on a pagefile size that accomodates all his programs. It would be silly not to at least TRY some of the solutions provided.

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