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Simple really

How do I set a JTextField, for example:

JTextField MyName = new JTextField(10);

So that when I add the TextField to a panel it accepts ONLY 10 characters and no more. When I add a TextField like this to a panel, you can type as much as you like. Is there a way of making only allow you to type in the max number of characters I specify?

I've seen reference to this on the net, but can't locate an answer.
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zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
zaphod_beeblebroxAuthor Commented:
Points well deserved zzynx!

zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
zaphod_beeblebroxAuthor Commented:
Just thought I'd add the following.

The top example, quotes:

"import com.sun.java.swing.text.*;"

This will only work with older versions of Java.
If you're having problems change it to

"import javax.swing.text.*;"

and it works perfectly.

Took me a while to figure that one out...(DOH!)
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