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Hey experts,

I am taking a course on Pervasive Computing Systems & Applications (basically its name should be Programming for Mobile Devices). Here is the syllabus of the course: http://students.aub.edu.lb/~mte01/EECE%20679%20Syllabus.doc.

It's going to cover basically three types of languages/IDEs (which constitute around 99% of code for mobile devices):
1- Java 2 Micro Edition
2- C# (The mobile emulator in Visual Studio.NET 2003 for Windows CE.NET)
3- Palm OS Development Environment (using Metrowerk’s Code Worrior IDE)

Can anyone provide me with any E-Books, links to web pages....etc that can provide helpful knowledge in these material (especially the 1st & the 3rd)?....in addition to some material that I have

P.S.: Refer to the syllabus of the course for any extra information on what I need.
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and type in Mobile development in the search
mte01Author Commented:
I got only 2 results.....which were books.......I need E-books or web articles that explain some code featuers........and even if the e-book was at a low price.....that would be ok
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mte01Author Commented:
Great....That's an E-Book for the .NET Compact framework.....and the all the related mobile stuff
Hi mte01,

>>1- Java 2 Micro Edition

MIDP for Palm OS is a Java runtime environment for Palm OS handhelds. It lets Palm OS users run the same Java technology-based applications ("Java applications") that are available for other MIDP-compliant devices, such as mobile phones and pagers.

-The Java runtime environment for Palm OS handhelds

-Software that emulates various Palm OS handhelds. Use it with the J2ME Wireless Toolkit to develop and test your Java applications.


>> using Metrowerk’s Code Worrior IDE


mte01Author Commented:
Thank you bhpr for your comment (and excuse me for my late response), but all these links do not have any code that would help me when I will be writing programs on these 3 platforms....
mte01Author Commented:
If no further comment were made in a few days, I will close this question, and open a new one so experts can notice it again........Mikal 613 provided me an E-book on the .NET Compact Framework, I'll be waiting for assisting code on the other two platforms.......
bhprConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks mte01,

J2ME toolkit comes with several examples and explanation docs.

First download J2ME toolkit from http://java.sum.com web site, and extract it to a folder you will see several examples with src code.

mte01Author Commented:
I have those examples............I posted this question looking for maybe more......
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