Adding dc2

Hi All

iam trying to add an extra domain controller

1)first i set a tick to ( additional domain controller for anexisting domain.
next username
when i click next it says

  The domain "myserver" is not an Active directory domain, or an Active Directory domain controller for the domain could not be contacted.

can anyone one help please

thanks davy
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shard26Connect With a Mentor Commented:
is DNS running on the new server? If no, go ahead and install it. Then try again.
davy999Author Commented:
sorry it should have said

create a new child domain in an exsiting domain tree
make sure the DNS on the new DC is pointing to the same DNS server IP that the old DC is using.

make sure you can ping the old DC from the new DC and vice versa.
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davy999Author Commented:
yes the dc is pointing to the same DNSand i can ping both ways

any other suggestions
is the DNS server local? is it the original DC?

are the 2 DC's on the same LAN?

what is the OS of each box?
davy999Author Commented:
yes there are both local
there are on the same lan
both are w2k

i think i know what the problem might be when i add a zone . It says select the type of zone you want to create ok

Active Directory- intergrated is greyed out and i think that could be the problem, when adding the additional dc it says not an active directory domain or domain controller.
 but how do i add it when its greyed out. ?
davy999Author Commented:
same problem
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