Moving windows 2000 server to windows 2003 server

I have a windows 2k server with exchange 2000 installed, and sharing folders perfectly running. Providing services to certain amount of users. Every User has a drive mapped to access any file from the server.
I just got a new server. I would like to migrate everything from w2k server to the new 2003 server.

1.- Is it better to join the new 2003 server as a domain controller, install exchange 2003, copy and paste the documents from the 2k server, recreate mapping drive from users and make this server the global catalog. Doing that! am i going to be able just to shut down 2k server and use 2003 server?  
If this is more or less the right way to do it. After joining the domain with the new server(domain controller), if i run forestprep, domainprep, setup and move the mail and public folder database from one exchange to another, will the server install the new exchange 2003 in the same domain allowing me to use any exchange i want(exch 2k or exch 2003)?

2.- should i start from the begining creating same domain (just to let u know the domain is a ".local" and other company manage our ".com" domain and we connect our pop3 externally) and start creating the same users install exchange 2003 clean installation, and keep going.

any help please? am i doing right? first option better? 2nd option posible?
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By adding the host machine to the same domain as the original machine, when you install Exchange 2003 it will automatically join the original Exchange server in the same Exchange organisation. When you put the Exchange 2003 CD in, let it autoplay and you will get a nice checklist to go through that guides you through each stage of the install.

Once the install is complete you will then see both servers in ESM. You can then configure replication of the folder data and then move the mailboxes using the built in wizards. The article I posted above guides you through that process.

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Any reason why you want to get rid of the old machine?

I would install Windows 2003 as a member server of the existing domain. Install Exchange 2003 and move all other services and application EXCEPT domain controller to the new server.
Once Exchange has been installed you can move Exchange across (public folders, system folders and mailboxes) before removing Exchange from the old machine.

Moving the files is easy enough using robocopy. That is a command line tool which can copy all the security permissions across as well.

I wouldn't create a new domain - that is a lot of work that isn't required.

DanielsemAuthor Commented:
The idea is to have a brand new windows 2003 server (that manage exchange, backups and files) with the same information of the old server. Talking about the old 2k server I havent decided yet if i will use it as a domain controller or any other service but, what im sure is that we cant depend anymore on this server.

What would be the right process if i want to get right of the old server and move everything to the new server?
From the new server:
1.- Join the domain as a domain controller.
2.- Install exchange 2003 (on the new server). Forestprep, domainprep and setup.
3.- Import database from exchange 2000 to exchange 2003.
4.- Use robocopy to move files from old server to new server.
5.- Set the new server to global catalog.
6.- shut down the old server.
7.-good to go?

if this is right, will both exchange work together in the same domain or ill get a conflict starting services? am i going to see both servers in the exch system manager?
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If you are joining the new machine to the existing domain and Exchange org then importing the database is fairly high risk. The best way is to just migrate the data - using replication for the public and system folders, then the "move mailbox" wizard to move the data across.

At some point you will need this article to go through the process to remove Exchange from the old server:

DanielsemAuthor Commented:
Sorry im not clear yet.

I have to start joining the domain them install exchange 2003 and them migrate the data(using replication) right?

Because im not sure if installing both exchange servers in the same domain, ill see them in the exchange system manager, wont i?

by the way i have to accept every message right?, cause im afraid to select it and stop getting feed back with my question.

i guest stupid questions sometimes make ppl learn hehe...

DanielsemAuthor Commented:
amazing thanks u for helping me.
this is perfect
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