I am putting this question second time , that is there any emu to play tekken tag tournament on PC. as we can play tekken 3 easly. plz dont reffer any asnswer like NO, do give some detail.
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Wojciech DudaCommented:
Look here, this site keeps track of known emulators:

Here you can see the avaiable PS2 emulators:

The PS2 is hard to emulate, and the PCSX2 emulator in version 0.6 is the best avaiable emulator out there. It is not capable of running Tekken Tag Tournament yet, as it is not fully developed (hence the 0.6 version number)

Well, I have checked the official website:

and some great progress has been made recently. While it still does not run TTT, check out the forum there for most up-to-date news about the emulator.
Try MAME, apparently tekken tag was an arcade game released in 1999, I never saw it at an arcade but mame has a space for it.
ok I will post my answer agian

There are a few PS2 Emulators out there these days as well. However only one of them seem to work very well. and that is PCXS2.

This emulator have been able to get to the "in game" stage for most games out there. This emulator so far is completely compatiable with

Capcom Fighting Evolution - USA Verison
Disgaea - USA Verison
Marvel Vs Capcom 2  - Japan Verison
Metal Slug 4 - Japan Verison
Virtual Fighter 4 Evolution - PAL Edition
Suidoken III - USA Verison

for other ps2 games, this emulator can get in game. meaning that you can play through some parts of the game. but it freezes up at certain points.

FFX, DBZ Budokai seres, Devil May Cry, Clock Tower 3, Soul Calibur 2 some of the many games that are currently at the stage "in game". Tekken Team Tag and Tekken 4 are both at the "in game" stage.

you can visit their website here

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leoumarAuthor Commented:

I hav downloaded the PCSX2, where I can get The Bios for it.
Sorry but I dunno if its against forum rules but asking for Bios is generally illegal. The bios that you need is SCPH10000.bin. Thats all i can say, anything more is illegal according to SONY.

leoumarAuthor Commented:
I put SCPH10000.bin in bios folder  of PCXS2 , but is still show notning in BIOS dropdowb menu . And when I command it to run the cd , it gives me the message
" Can not found bios in directory (myPath)/PCX2/Bios" . What should I do.
second thing , Can I use CD rom to run  PS2 games Or I have to buy a DVD Rom.
Try asking around for another biases around on emu forums. see if they can help u with the general stuff like whats the bias name and the size. SCPH10000 is what i thought it was, the right bias size should be around 4mb. is ur's around there? if its not, then it might not be the correct verison

anyways as for running i'm not sure if i'm entirely correct about this but you can only run game right off your computer hard drive. the games have to be in a image format like .iso. check the pcsx2 forums for more information

sorry i couldn't help u much.
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