Popup Survey when Leaving domain

I need to launch a shopper survey when the shopper leaves the website.
This means the survey must appear if the visitor:
A) navigates to a different domain,   or
B) closes the browser

The survey must popup reliably for any user regardless of browser.
This is VERY important to this e-commerce site, please help!
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// this code should've worked for you
function checkExit(){
     var win = window.open("","","width=10,height=10");
     win.document.write("function checkDomain(){ ");
     win.document.write("try {");
     win.document.write("if(window.opener) var x = window.opener.location.href;\n");
     win.document.write("catch(e){window.alert(\'you left my domain!!!\'); self.close();}");

<body onunload="checkExit();">
<a href="closeDomain.html">stay at domain</a><br>
<a href="http://www.experts-exchange.com">leave domain</a><br>
<body onunload ="CallFunction()">

Where  the CallFunction will be something like
function CallFunction()
window.open ("popup.html","popup:)
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DougCoulterAuthor Commented:

your approach creates a pop-up when leaving the domain BUT
also when remaining within the domain.

DougCoulterAuthor Commented:
i can generate an alert with this but i need to generate a popup asp survey form.
will it work for something like:
win.document.write("catch(e){var win = window.open('survey.asp','survey','height=650,width=500');}");
Oh yes.Thats should work
Are you getting any errors?
DougCoulterAuthor Commented:
not getting the pop-up.

i need to make a database entry and launch an asp form based on the visitor leaving the domain.
the database code is simply:
<% sql = 'UPDATE tracking SET survey2 = '1' WHERE sessionID='" + Session.SessionID + "'";
in asp. . . . . . .is there some way to execute that as part of the checkExit function?
In the example were you getting the alert right ?
That means there must be something wrong in the windows open script.
This works for me
win.document.write("catch(e){var win = window.open('survey.asp','survey','height=650,width=500');}");

Are you sure that the popup is not closed by any popup killer ( like google toolbar or firewall?)
DougCoulterAuthor Commented:

I can get the alert,
I get the initial 10x10 window,
but I am unable to get another window to popup.

So, you're right, there must be something wrong with the the windows open script,
there is no problem with popup blockers, i can get popups when there are no conditionals.

i have tried:
win.document.write("catch(e){var win = window.open('survey.asp','survey','height=650,width=500');}");
which seems like a simple replacement for the alert, but no luck.

Any suggestions?
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