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In NT4 DNS manager, how do I create a hostname/IP mapping when the hostname is like only "domain.com", with no www. or anything in front of it?
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I don't know NT, but I know DNS...


Talks about NT DNS Manager and where it stores its zone files - if you can find and edit the zone file manually, just add

domain.com.       IN          A

to the zone file for domain.com (where is the IP you want to map to domain.com)

Ok, I don't have an NT4 server handy, but I checked my Win2k server.  I hope they are somewhat similar (although doubtful).

When you create a new host entry, are you able to leave the host name blank and just put in an IP address?  This should create an entry just for the domain.  You should be able to assign multiple IPs to the domain.

Wish I had an NT4 server to double check this for you...

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