Need to access file from othe machine in n/w

I need to access the files present at different machines.All the machines(nearly 150) are in LAN. How to connect to these machines?
I know Machine names + username/password.

Only using java program is it possible? How?

If it is not possible standalone java program How shall I do using client server programing? I know socket Java programing.

Please guide me to approach the solution.

Appreciate your help.
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Giant2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I suggest you to schedule a job on each machine (use the machine scheduler, it's really more simple).
For example antivirus (CE) follow this method when they check a machine.
Hmmmm networking....

Well to tell you the truth if you only want to save the files from all of the pc's and pop them to a standard location for a backup or batch processing or something like that I would advise you to invest in a decent FTP library that would help you to do so efficiently. Then you can use any FTP server on the server side where you want the files to end up and then just simply send the files through. Simple as that but easier said than done.
mail2yogi1Author Commented:
I need to delete all temporary files got created while using Internet in all machine. daily 3 times from single server.
So please guide me on this view.
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You want to delete temporary files created on pc's while using the internet but then why do you need a network architecture in the app since all you need do is have a daemon running that will detect these files and wipe them at the appropriate times?

One single application that act's on it's own behalf and doesn't know about the others would suffice. You only need to search for the files three times a day and delete them.
mail2yogi1Author Commented:
Thanks for all your comments.
But Currently we are using 150 Machines which may go upto 1000.
So it will difficult to use schduler at that time. So our requirement is
To delete files from one machine using java program(standalone or client server).
So please help me. How we can access files on other machines using java program when system name and username/password is known.
RuadRauFlessaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your Security manager won't allow you to make that kinda stuff open on a network since it creates loopholes within network security. So go with a single app that you distribute throughout your system that will handle your maintanance tasks. Otherwise go take a look at Novell Zenworks it is really worth the while when you have quite a number of desktops that you have to maintain. There is also a version for servers.
If the file you want to delete are accessible from your net (shared), you could run a script to delete them when you want.
Hi  mail2yogi1,

I believe you can use FTP API to delete files also. It just matter to calling delete method.

Standard FTP commands includes commands for deleting remote files as well


                         2) mdelete for deleting multiple files.

So any FTP API would also have corresponding delete methods. Its just a matter of looping through machine names and deleting the files.

What do  u say?

Yeah FTP would be great but a PC doesn't set up with a standard FTP service and that gain lends itself to security issues
I think a delete or split.
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