Moving a netware 6.5 server to a new context

Just looking for a refresher. I have a netware 6.5 server that is moving to a new data center tomorrow. It will be getting a new IP address and will have to be moved/consolidated into a new OU (along with all the users/groups etc). I Haven't done either (IP change or context move) since 5.1 and I'm looking for a refresher. The IP address change seems long winded but fairly straight forward. However, the move concerns me. My memory tells me there are a few objects that don't like to be moved.

Specifically, the SSL certificates and DNS/DHCP objects? Also, seems like the server should be clear of replicas? The old OU won't be going away just yet, but it will be soon. The server I'm moving holds the master replica of the OU I'm moving it out of and there is another server which holds the master replica of it's OU (where this server will be going).

Anyone have any gotchas for either the IP change or the move. No patching or updating will occur. All servers in the tree are 6 or 6.5 and the root replica sits on 6.5. I know the users, groups, templates, profiles, etc will move easy.

Thanks for any insight,
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the partition/ou thing - you can have an OU without it being a partition, remember.  Merging the partition with its parent accomplishes much more than allowing you to not have the server holding a partition master and trying to move that server to another partition, which I don't think will work.  It also makes it that much easier to phase out the old OU, because it then has no direct, 1-1 relationship with an NDS partition.

I suppose that if you wanted to, you could remove that server from the replica ring for that partition, making some other server in the ring become master, and then move the server leaving the partition intact, but since it's going away anyway, might as well kill 2 birds with one stone, making the server and other object moves cleaner in the short term and the removal of the old OU cleaner in the long term.
PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I wouldn't change all those things at once. Change the IP address first. Give that a day or so (depends on the size of the NDS tree) to settle out and make sure replication continues to work. Then move it to its new OU.

As long as the license object is higher in the tree (and within the server's search radius) than the server, it should continue to find the license object it wants. If the server is making a change such that its license object is no longer "above" it in the tree, then it will need to be associated with a new license object. If needed, adjust the license search radius.

If you support Bindery Emulation, be sure to change that value in AUTOEXEC.NCF.
Also, I'd put off other moves until the server object had been moved for a day or so, unless those other moves were for objects that had no impact on the server. Gotta give NDS time to get all the backlinks (sorry, Distributed Reference Links) updated.
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The biggest gotchas in the IP change is catching all of the places the IP address is used, including Apache, Tomcat, config files in ETC.  A search of SYS vol for the old IP address helps a lot in locating all of those.

I think the master of the partition thing will be the biggest issue.  Is there another server in the partition that the server is master of, that will be assuming the role of master, or is the partition going away?  Is the new OU's partition a child of the same parent partition or what?

If this partition is going away, merge it with the parent before doing anything else, so another server is handling the objects in eDirectory for that OU.  It may slow down some operations going across a WAN link, but this will allow you to remove the replica from the server, making it easier to move to its new context.
Since the change is not going to have a couple of days to settle out, take care of NDS first.  If you are "retiring" the old OU, do the partition merge with the parent partition ASAP, so the replica ring holding the parent partition can be relied on to handle all of the other changes that will be happening, including the server addressing change and the context changes for the other objects.
I believe you will have to delete and re-create the SMS SMDR object for the server.  Not sure about DNS/DHCP or cert objects.
timmr72Author Commented:
Thanks to you both. I merged the partition back into it's parent early today, and then changed the IP address tonight. No problems. In fact, the new "IP Management" utility in 6.5 is quite nice. Much less manual file editing.

Tomorrow night I'll move the server and all the OU's objects to the new container. Hopefully, that goes as smoothly. I'll split the points.

Thanks again,
Glad to see it went well.
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