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Anyone know how to resize animated gifs from the command line? What I am trying to use now is Image Magick, but I could use any other instead, if it only works. I need to be able to resize images on-the-fly so I need something I can execute from the command line. I am using Windows as server platform.

This is what I have tried to do so far with IM:
Original gif:

copy aniorig.gif ani1.gif
mogrify -resize 100x100 ani1.gif 

copy aniorig.gif ani2.gif
mogrify -crop 50% ani2.gif 

As you can see here, no luck so far..

So if anyone know how to resize gif animations with IM or another tool, please tell me!

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is this for the web? you could use php or to do it via inbuilt routines
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Also take a look at irfanview
Irfanview can't resize animating gifs!

As for IM, maybe this will be of help, explains why the command in IM changed
sntvei99Author Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions.

VirusMinus: I have tried some of the tools you listed but I didnt find any that supports gif (animated!) resizing from the command line. I have also tried to resize using PHP's inbuilt module gd2, but it doesnt support animated gifs at the moment, it just takes the first image in the animation and makes a still picture out of that.

Alegis: Yes, the best option would be to do it like IM does from the command line, the problem is that I get very strange output with it as you can see in my first post. Maybe Im doing something wrong with the parameters... but I dont get it.

I want to resize the gifs with from the command line like: "resize 100x100 animated.gif". That is the dream :-)
Your original is also not animated. If you use the html code, you can resize it with animation in tack.


     <IMG SRC="NameOfFile.gif" WIDTH="50" HEIGHT="50">

The 50 here is pixels. If you place 50% here, it will try to make the graphic 50% of the window in which the user is working.

Leslyn :)
sntvei99Author Commented:
I dont use html. Btw, you dont actually resize the picture with html, only make it look smaller. That is not what I want.

I finally found a neat program named GIFSicle that does the job!
No objection!

Leslyn :)
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