sniffing FC-SAN traffic

Hi there,

Anyone knows if there is a "packet driver" or unitity that I can use to sniff traffic in and out a HBA connected to a SAN box?

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syn_ack_finConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, found two products that might do what you want:

Good Luck
First off, it's switched so the traffic is to just the system it needs to go to. I've never seen a way to change that. Second off, it would be like trying to sniff IDE or SCSI traffic.

What is the need?
technically speaking you could manage to sniff the traffic, but i doubt it'd be legible or that there's any non NSA like program for making sense of it..  i'd listen to syn/ack/fin.

btw you forgot the PSH/URG/RST in your name :p
kwseowAuthor Commented:
well... I believe you can... but the problem is do I need to reengineer it? Is there available drivers like libpcap?

I just want to analyse the traffic... just like another network..
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