Visio connector color

Is there any way to change the default black color of the connector tool? I tried doing stuff in Format -> styles but couldn't fiigure it out.

I would like to change the connector color to blue.
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meintsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have the right idea WileE

Make sure the select icon is depressed.
FORMAT - DEFINE STYLES - Select CONNECTOR from the style dropdown box.
Change - Line - pick your color.......

The only drawback is that your need to make this change for every new sheet.  Or resave the blank drawing as the new template. (But this will have to be done for each template also.)
From the Help file...

To set the default style used by the drawing tools:
Make sure nothing is selected.
Choose Format > Style.
Under Text Style, Line Style, and Fill Style, choose the style you want as the default, and then click OK.

TIP If no shapes on the drawing page are selected and you change any format settings from the toolbars or the Format menu, that formatting will be applied to all shapes you draw until go back to the original setting. For example, if you click the Bold button, all shapes you subsequently draw will have bold text until you click the Bold button again (turning it off).

Comment withdrawn. I thought I had it working, but now, not so much. My apologies.
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The answer I have given IS correct.

Depending upon what he wishes to change, default settings for a single document, a single template, or all templates, the procedure is the same.
billwhartonAuthor Commented:

You cannot make everything as modular as you mods would like.

Frankly speaking, you are simply forcing people to do things they woudln't want to in the first place.

From now on, by default I'll award a grade of A to any dam answer, whether it be the best or the worst. In other words, I'll pretty much do anything to close a thread and avoid having to post 100 times just to close a thread. This would save my & the mod's times.

Please go ahead and award the accepted answer a grade of A !

You asked a simple question, was given a simple (CORRECT!) answer, and turn into a bleepin' a-------.
Never, never again......
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