Web Server Hangs A trappable error (C0000005)

reetings All,

I am having a issue with a production web server. (Windows2000 IIS5)
It has been running fine for over a year. The server now stops working several times a day
I have put the server in high-isolation mode and am now seeing the following errors:

Event Viewer (application)
Error Type:(0x8000FFFF)Catastrophic failure <file.name>.asp, line 211
(line 211 is SMTPsvg.Mailer object)

Event Viewer (application)
Error: File  <file.name> Unexpected error. A trappable error (C0000005) occurred
 in an external object. The script cannot continue running..

Event Viewer (system)
Out of process application '/LM/W3SVC/1/Root' terminated unexpectedly

I am using ASP pages / SQL2000 / ASPMail

Any ideas?
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read this link,


When ASP reports 0115, it means:
"I don't know what the cause for the error is"
The reason is that 0115 stands for an error EXTERNAL to ASP.
Listed below are some of the common causes for ASP returning the 0115 error, followed by some recommended troubleshooting techniques:
1. Permission and authentication issues with files and registry keys.
Errors may occur if the authenticated user does not have sufficient permissions on other files such as custom components, system dynamic-link libraries (DLLs), and even registry keys.
ASP scripts are typically executed in the security context of the IUSR_<machine_name> account.
If you believe you are dealing with a permissions problem in the registry, you can use Regedt32.exe to examine permissions on the various registry keys. In particular, you may want to look at ODBC, Jet, ADO, and other keys  
that might be relevant to the problem. If you have a machine that is working properly, try comparing key permissions between the two machines.
The first step is to determine if you really are seeing a permissions problem. A good test is to temporarily add the anonymous logon account (IUSR_<machine_name>) to the administrators group using User Manager. This gives the IUSR_<machine_name> account administrative privileges on the machine. If this causes ASP to function properly, you are almost certainly dealing with a permissions issue.
Note: When you have finished debugging, be sure to remove the IUSR_<machine_name> account from the administrators group to minimize the security risk on your server.
Refer to the following article for additional information:
    Q185874 How to Troubleshoot Permissions in IIS 4.0
2. Incorrectly registered dlls or incompatible dll version issues.
If you are developing applications with Visual Basic for your web server, you might create a dependency file and compare the file verions to the files installed on your server.
Refer to the following articles:
    Q178354 HOWTO: Setup Wizard Dependency Files
    Q185599 BUG: OleAut32.dll Is Unregistered Incorrectly

    Q145676 Registry Overwritten with Same ProgID/Different Bitness Server

3. Unhandled errors returned from components.
4. Form elements are not named.
Refer to the following article:
    Q173741 PRB: Random ASP 0115 Errors when Submitting Form


5. Use of the ASP Session Object prior to version 1.24.09 of the ASP dll
Refer to the following article:
    Q177036 FIX: ASP 0115 Error Occur With The Session Object

6. Use of components that are not thread-safe in a multi-threaded environment.
Refer to the following articles:
    Q191979 PRB: VB Component Not Marked Apartment Produces ASP 0115 Error

    Q172925 INFO: Security Issues with Objects in ASP and ISAPI Extensions


    Q150777 INFO: Descriptions and Workings of OLE Threading Models

7. Using Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.0 on IIS 3.0.
Refer to the following article:
    Q193310 FIX: ADO 2.0 Generates Error 0115 When Used with IIS 3.0

Over and above that...if Stored Procedures are being used, watch out for these possible causes of 0115 errors:
1) SP parameters which don't have a value generate 0115 error.
If a stored procedure's parameter doesn't have a value, a 0115 error is generated.
The solution is to validate the parameter before running the ADO script.
2) Incorrect parameter values generate 0115 error.
If a stored procedure's parameter has an incorrect value, a 0115 error is generated.
Examples :
a) Changing the length of a field in a look-up table and not changing it in the stored procedure.
b) Changing the length of a field in a details table and not changing it in the lookup table.
When incorrect field-lengths are passed to the stored procedure, a 0115 error is generated.
The solution is to ensure that correct parameter values are passed to the SP.
3) Reserved SQL Server words :
Using SQL Server Reserved words in SP's, like "SECTION", will generate a 0115 error.
The solution is NOT to use Reserved SQL Server words in SP's.
Additional to that, I've had a couple of reports about how:
1) setting an Application to run in its own memory space has fixed the 0115 error.
2) Installing MDAC2.1 (if MDAC1.5 or 2.0 was being used with IIS3/4) has fixed the 0115 error.
It might be worthwhile for you to look into those possible fixes.
This is NOT an exhaustive list.
For example, any problem in a custom VB or VC++ component could bring about an ASP 0115 error message.



i hope it may help you

Do you have a Dr. Watson log and/or dump of the issue?

This issue appears to be some sort of access violation in the SMTPsvg component. (ASPMail, correct?)

Dave Dietz
Paul_WisconsinAuthor Commented:
There are no Dr Watson dumps so far.  The Catastrophic failures have stopped by turning off McAfee Anti-Virus. Version 8 of McAfee has a feature to stop SMTP from sending large quanties of mail.
Paul_WisconsinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information.  We were able to isolate some of the problems to a premature close of a database in several ASP pages. We now just have "Out of process application" errors. The server seems to clear itself up and stays running but gives our end users 500 errors. We are planning to completelt uninstall the Mcafee 8 off of the server.

Paul_WisconsinAuthor Commented:
Mcafee was unistalled and the last Out of process erro no longer comes up.

The version of McAfee was the new version 8i.  User beware of McAfee 8i and web servers.
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