Remote Desktop disconects user after 30 seconds...

I have a user attempting to connect to his office PC via Remote Desktop through a VPN over a DSL. He is using the latest version of Remote Desktop that he installed yesterday from the MS site. At his remote location he is on a desktop PC running Win ME (Arrgh!). His office PC is XP Pro and the network is Win2000.

I have walked him through the connection 20x in the past 24 hours. His logon works fine, username and password accepted. His desktop (office) comes up fine and he can manipulate objects. Then, after about 30 seconds, he is disconnected to an error message informing him of the interruption and its "...possibly due to a network error. Please attempt to reconnect."

I have remoted in to his office from 2 other locations to flawless performance. This leads me to believe that it is the PC (Win ME) that he is remoting in on that has is problem. Is there any inherent problems with ME and Remote Desktop to a 2k network or to a XP box?

He is remoting in to his IP:Port- **.***.**.**:3394

The client is in Florida and his office is here in Chicago making it problematic to run out there and check the ME box.

I hate Win ME and always have trouble using it across OS versions. Anyone help?

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_Jochen_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
i think the problem ist the implementation of the TCP/IP stack of WinME. The TCP/IP protocoll (used by WinME) doesnt work stable in LAN environments and I´m sure it wont´t be stable on damageable VPN connections. I think the easiest solution is, to install Win2K or Win XP on the Client.

MazaraatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From your description I would be inclined to think the problem resided on the clients end, especially with WinME involved (ack).  I would have the remote user run through these steps to first verify that they have a clean PC:

**Items to verify PC is clean**
Download run ad-aware:
Download run spybot:
Download run Virusscanner:
Download and run hijackthis:
Either have them send you the log file or they can post the log file here:

While the client is doing that you can check your vpn settings on your firewall, look for any type of session inacive settings.  

Another things to think about, it could be his DSL connection causing the time out errors.  Also have him turn down the settings in the client to minimal needed:
RDP client->options->Experience tab->set to Modem 28.8


guniteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Might I suggest a look at his network card, network cable, or connectivity between his PC and the router. From what you have said you can get there with no problem. I would set up a ping on his computer and let it run with the -t commandline option. This will tell you if there is a lack in connectivity for any period.
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pinging the computer will you tell nly that there is a pysical connection. The ping is based on ICMP not on IP. It is possible that the icmp traffic has no problems and the ip traffic is disconnected. If the ping works fine the NIC and the cables are ok, so i think there is no need to change the card or the cables.
Maybe you can reinstall the tcp/ip Protokoll on the WinMe computer.
I beg to differ ICMP runs on the IP part of TCP/IP and is purely used as a troubleshooting method, thats why I asked the question. The only reason why a ping would not work is if ICMP was blocked. If there was a firewall in place anyways it would probably block the remote desktop completely. Because it's an intermitten problem I looked toward endurance testing of the connection, both ways..
iamgodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just following down a different track, you need to run licencing manager on the server - 98/ME clients licences expires after 3 months. Had similar problem.

all the best
mojopojoAuthor Commented:
The client wasn't logging into terminal services, so licensing manager wasn't an issue. He is attempting to log directly into his PC with Remote Desktop. (Also, no VPN - sorry)

I had him ping out to 3 different DNS servers in geographically diverse locations. With the "-t" switch I let each ping run for at least 3 minutes without a single lost packet or interruption.

Slowing down his transfer rate didn't help either. I tried 56mbps and 28.8-  Same problems with the dropped connection.

I have consulted with the client and he has agreed to let us build a new PC for remote access. A P4 with an XP build should close this issue. So I'm going to close this thread.

Thanks to everyone for working on this with me.

I think the moral of the story is: "Windows ME still sucks."

Another thing to keep in mind DSL/cable modems tend to improve their speeds/reliability if you unplug the modems power for 5 minutes.  I never believed it until it happened to me, and now even SBC (dsl provder) states that on there tech support site.
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