DNS lost. Can't change DNS.

I have a friend who owns www.tescotanks.com.  The site was a few years old and not used alot.  

Whenever they go to their site it goes to another company called colussus.net.  They never moved their hosting to this company.  They do not owe this company or any other internet company any money.

What happened originally is they had (Web developer A) build and host a site through another company.   Then (Web developer A) left, and my friend only had a UserID and PW for network solutions, no web page backup or anything.

Well a couple of years go by and then their hosting company closes and they get moved to this tecinfo.biz.  They pay for hosting then they get switch to colussus.net.  They didn't asked to get switch.    

I guess Emails to Tescotank where never sent or sent to the wrong email. They really need help, so they called me in since I've developed some sites.  

The UserID and PW from network solutions says they can't log in since the UserID is particpant in the Resellers program.    

My question is, how do these hosting companies change the DNS through Network Solutions?   He owns the Domain until 2011 and has paid for it.  

He just wants to start his web site again at a local company and wants access to changing his domain servers.

Any help would be great!

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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From www.networksolutions.com:

You can submit a service request online at www.networksolutions.com/en_US/help/service-request.jhtml.


Contact info:
Network Solutions Customer Service
10 Azalea Drive
Drums, PA 18222
In the U.S. & Canada call: 1-888-642-9675
Worldwide, call: +1 570-708-8788
E-mail: Send us e-mail by submitting a service request.
your domain TESCOTANKS.COM has expired.

I went to www.cheap-domainregistration.com and www.godaddy.com and searched for TESCOTANKS.COM and it came up as available. Also a WHOIS shows that there are no DNS entries for that domain name.

I recommend registering it quickly through any domain registrar. It won't cost much and you could set the DNS entries and get your website back up. Then you could follow up with colussus or whoever about the money paid to keep the domain till 2011
According to a number of different registrars, tescotanks.com isn't registered by anyone at the moment and is available.      Unless you spelled the domain wrong or there is some typo above, I would suggest to your friend that he register the domain right away and start fresh.  Also, I would recommend that you use a different registrar as there are more cost-effective choices than NetSol.  I use www.godaddy.com - the service is great and the prices are much lower.
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paulbarstoolAuthor Commented:
Sorry.. the web site is TESCOTANK.COM.   I added the "S".

who has access to this email address?  hank@tescotank.com i've set a userid/password recovery to go to that address. Login with that on networksolutions.com and look for the 'manage dns' link.

Also when i put in the domain name to retreive the user id info it came up with this message:
>> We are unable to log you in.
The User ID is associated with a participant of our Reseller Program who registered a domain name or service on your behalf. <<

If you cannot get to that email then you need to look for a form from networksolutions that allows you to prove ownership of the domain and change it..
also neither tecinfo.biz or colussus.net exist..are there typos in them as well?
paulbarstoolAuthor Commented:
Hank@tescotank.com had his email through his hosting.  That's why he can't get his email.

http://www.colossus.net/ is the correct name.
I don't have any other info on tecinfo.biz.

Thanks for your help.  Any other ideas would be appreciated.

You should be able to prove ownership fairly easily since Tesco Resources Inc. is listed as the registrant.  I presume the hank@tescotank.com address isn't active since the domain has been moved around and there is no hosting, etc., but getting the proper username/password may be as simple as faxing a formal request on Tesco Resources letterhead.  The first thing to do is contact NetSol and explain the problem to them.

If it turns out there is a further problem remember that domain registration is administered by ICANN (www.icann.org).  You can file a complaint with them according to their 'Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy' (see http://www.icann.org/udrp/udrp-rules-24oct99.htm).
I'm glad everything worked out.  Thanks for the A.
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