MSDE Installation fails, autorun.inf=access denied

Just downloaded MSDE installer sql2ksp3.

It starts unpacking to a folder I specify, then as soon as unpacking is done I get "**/sql2ksp3/MSDE/autorun.inf - access denied"

So everything stops and I can't install MSDE. I tried restarting, redownloading, nothing seems to help.

I have Windows 2000

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you
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stigmata53Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using the Winzip or Winrar to extract the archive.
andryuhaAuthor Commented:
oh, one more detail. I dual boot (C and D), but mostly use D. It unpacks fine to drive C: for some reason, but gives "autorun.inf - access denied" on D: This is when I'm booted on drive D.
andryuhaAuthor Commented:
any idea why it wouldn't self extract though? Thanks
I'm not sure why, but I've seen that problem before with other MS archives.
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