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Free PC to Phone to USA

I'm looking for a site that provides free PC to Phone to the USA if it asks for me to pay for other countries, it's fine.
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7 Solutions
I doubt if you'd be able to do this FREE as the Telecomms operator still charges a fee for connecting the call at the other end.
maybe "skype" software can do what you want... but i don't think its free... check it out though
it might be difficult to get free to USA but check this for good deals

Some if not all of the following use to be "Free"
but that was some time ago:

These are about 3 years old and I not sure whether
any of them are still around , but you can check:




I-Link TalkFree

************************************* (2 Ways to Make Calls)

Lockergnome Windows Digest] Compressed Necessity and the Adapter  Date: 3/17/2002 11:18:12 AM Pacific Standard Time From: PicoPhone v1.31 [88k] W9x/2k/XP FREE

{Talk to others online} If you've ever tried to communicate via anInternet phone, you know how complex and annoying it can sometimesbe. This fabulous non-phony phoner makes it easier, though it doeshelp to have some knowledge of Internet telephony and how itworks. The client even allows multiple callers, so you can set upconference calls. "PicoPhone uses a simple UDP-based protocol,which works very well with NAT. The program accepts connections onUDP port 11676 and makes connection to that port." ShouldMicrosoft's Messenger or Netmeeting be giving you headaches,consider giving PicoPhone a run. What have you got to lose but alarge long distance bill? It's not even a dollar

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100mins free pc-phone per month
as stated in

i heard teltel offer free pc-phone for 5mins/per call. giv it a try.


used for a while... looked good for US but didn't suit my needs outof europe.
IGCSEAuthor Commented:
none of them are really free at all
Don't you have the one that is free. Or the cheapest below 1.5cents per a minute to the US
there are no free ones i can find either so give the points to the one with 1.5c
Comment from IGCSE
Date: 10/17/2004 11:14PM PDT
 Author Comment  

none of them are really free at all
Don't you have the one that is free.

Free World DialUp  FWD

FWD lets up make free call over the internet

You can start today at no cost, by either using programs already on your computer, or by downloading a free, self-configuring program. Combine a simple inexpensive converter and any home phone, to let you realize the total freedom FWD provides, whether on Cable, DSL, or WiFi.

Call from your house.

Call from a public hot-spot.

Call the world -- for free.

FWD is the largest open network service provider for person-to-person, advanced, real-time IP communications.

FWD allows you to make free phone calls using any broadband connection using devices that follow Internet standards. This can be a 'regular' telephone connected to a packetizer, an IP Phone or any number of free soft-phones (software for your PC or PDA). For a list of software devices click here, or here for hardware based solutions.

TelTel- More than a telephone, it's a TelTel Phone.

With TelTel, you can make free PC-to-PC calls over the Internet.

TelTel helps you to keep in touch with your friends, whether they are online or offline. More than "instant communication," it's NonStop Communication.

Dial-by-email - Call anyone with an email address
Contact methods that specifically address your conversation needs
Excellent sound quality
Management and organization of all Friend activities in one place
User-friendly graphic interface for easy comprehension
And it's all FREE!

Why not use PC-toPC instead? It is always free, as long as we dont think of ISP bills...
IGCSEAuthor Commented:
I still would like to prefer using the PC - Phone to call my relatives.
You know there are many many phone cards on the market now - sure it's not using your PC to call your relatives but the one I use (Daybreak) charges 0.5c per minute to call the USA.
If you want to call your relatives' telephone (as opposed to their PC) I think my Daybreak phone card is by far the cheapest way at half a cent per minute. You can also call most places in europe including the UK, and some Asian countries for the same rate.
IGCSEAuthor Commented:
Hi Snodlander
Can you give me the link to the service that you are using to call at 0.5c to the USA?

but is pretty close.....2 cents per minute in US and as low as 3 cents to many countries. You can talk to most countries for 20 minutes less than $1. I use it when travelling. It gives you your account in the US so if you are outside USA and make calls back to USA from some country, it thinks you are calling USA from USA so only 2 cents.
Us $ 0.020
United Kingdom $ 0.049
Buenos Aires $ 0.069
Sydney $ 0.039
Canada $ 0.039
France $ 0.049
Hong Kong $ 0.050
Italy $ 0.059
Malaysia $ 0.089
Philippines $ 0.190
Moscow $ 0.059
Spain $ 0.049
PC2PCsm $ 0.000


Not sure but this card may be for calls made from Australia only.
What country do you live in?
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