Going away from Apache to IIS

I currently have many php scripts running on win2k3, apache 1.3, php4,mysql
apache 1.3 is giving me some problems and it's speed is not the best... i'm thinking about going to IIS 6/php4/mysql... i made sure all my scripts supports IIS/php4... are there any warnings before i venture on this risky migration? if it's risky at all? i'd like to migrate by the end of the weekend.. any tips/heads up will be greatly appreciated.. thanks!
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I think the following links wud be a good starting point
Infact theres a good article on apache performance tuning from IBM developrworks , you need to register yourself there the link is
another url worth looking at is
I don't know if it's risky.  I have PHP4/MySQL running on a couple of different IIS servers - one Win2k3 Server, one Win2000 Server - and I've never had a problem.  In my experience, they work extremely well together.  The PHP Windows installler sets up PHP for you and the MySQL manual has good info about installing MySQL on Windows (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/Windows_installation.html).

Keep in mind that my experience is based on only two servers.  Perhaps someone else has encountered some problems that I haven't.
why dont you upgrade Apache?

I don't think you will find any performance gains when moving to IIS (and I am pro IIS - use it all the time)

You'd probably want to look at other things, like programming, upgrading etc..
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andreni78Author Commented:
some of the articles ronan provided stated apache isn't made for winnt.. the programming structure isn't the same
maybe the old apache, but the new is just as good as anything else. Upgrade its free!
andreni78Author Commented:
I actually want to upgrade.. but the problem i'm facing is making virtual domains work.. for the life of me.. i can't get it to work.. whenever i add the virtual domain command:
    ServerAdmin me@mysite.com
    DocumentRoot d:/web/mysite
    ServerName www.mysite.com.com
    CustomLog d:/web/apache/logs/mysite.log combined

it doesn't work for some odd reason.. apache 2 wouldn't even start...
What errors are shown in the error_log or on screen?

Have you tried:

apachectl configtest

to see what problems it mentioned your configuration as having?

 Do you have a command like:


in your configuration files?
andreni78Author Commented:
ok i got the virtualhost deal to work.. now i've got another situation:

System: Win2k3/Apache2.0/PHP4.3.9

Situation: I've got a smooth running site with apache 1.3 - I want to upgrade to apache 2.0 because its architecture is built for NT.. so when I upgraded my site to apache 2.0... some of the links/files i access results in "cannot find server."

for example.. when i enable apache 1.3 on my site.. i can access www.mysite.com/activity.php (activity mod for phpbb2) just fine.  however when i switch to apache 2.0.. the activity file will return a "cannot find server" error.. this problem seems to occur on random scripts i have on my site.  PHPBB will run fine.. but it's activity mod has problems... most of egroupware applications run fine.. but the email returns a "cannot find server" error..

so i tried renaming the activity.php to  activity1.php.. and create another activity.php file with simple php code - it parses fine... but when i switch activity1.php to activity.php again.. it gives me the same error... when the file was named activity1.php.. i accessed it and it gave me the same error - "cannot find server"..

so.. it HAS to be the content in these php files that causing these errors.. but why would it cause problems in apache2 but not apache 1.3?  i've run installation test for a few scripts under apache2.0 and it doesn't give me anything diff from installation test under apache 1.3 environment...

i've been having this problem for days and i cannot for the life of me, figure this one out..

please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! as i've exhausted all avenues i know of to try and fix this problem...
maybe post another question in the apache area??
Have you installed support for PHP in Apache 2.0?  What are the errors in the error_log?
andreni78Author Commented:
yeah php works fine.. as said before.. when i put simple php coding in activity.php file, it works fine.. error log doesn't log any errors at all.. it's just something contained in the original activity.php file is causing problems.. i don't know what...

so ...
phpbb works fine
oscommerce works fine
"activity" mod for php bb doesn't work
SOME parts of egroupware work.. some doesn't...

so when i switch back to apache 1.3... EVERYTHING works fine... this is really giving me some major probs..

one note.. it's recommended on egroupware site that i use apache 1.3
Hmmm - sounds like there are some incompatibilities, then with your egroupware suite that they are aware of.

The upgrading Apache to 2.0 from 1.3 page can be found here:


There are definitely some issues with backward compatibility, particularly in terms of modules;  you may wish to review this page to see if there is something readily identifiable as the problem.
This is a difficult one to call on who should receive the points.

The original question was about migration from Apache to IIS; however, the user was also interested in potentially upgrading Apache, too.

I feel that ronan_40060 and periwinkle gave the best advise on whether or not upgrading the version of Apache would work with the upgrade.

rama_krishna580 gave a link to another ee question that had some good advise on the original question....

The real question is how did the asker solve their problem, I suppose!
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