No Signal from monitor!?!?

Hi all,

I'm building a computer, but I'm getting a "No Signal" error on the monitor. This is what I've got:

JNC SJA520 Slim ATX Tower Case Grey 350w PSU Front USB & Audio:

Asus K8V/GD SKT754 VIA K8T800 Sound GIG LAN USB 2.0 FSB800 SATA Retail Box:

Hightech 9200SE 128mb DDR PCI TV-Out DVI Classic Box Retail Box

AMD Athlon 64bit 2800+ (Newcastle) 754pin/512 L2cache OEM:

Hitachi 7K250 Deskstar 80GB ATA100 7200rpm 2mb Cache - OEM:

I've contacted the motherboard manufacturer and they said it could be the PSU??? :S Any help would be appreciated.
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Sitcky situation...

well then its narrowed down to a Motherboard or CPU problem. (probably motherboard)
If you have a spare on of either, try testing with them, also if you have any other PSU try using that..

Although i seriously doubt the PSU as the culprit as your motherboard DOES get power, and the CPU fans spins up when its powered on.

My thoughts would be it could be the VGA Card...
Well then again, if the PSU does not supply enough power to the VGA this might also happen.

Try unplugging all cdroms and harddrives and only give power to the Motherboard and VGA ...see if you get Post Message when booting up.

Let me know.
Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Nope still getting nothing...
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What is the Wattage of the PSU?
Is it bigger than 300W?

Does the Motherboard and Harddrives power up?
Can you hear the "post" beep?

Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
The case is 350W. There's no beeps at all... When there is power (before and while the computer is actually turned on) there is a light on the motherboard that is on...
(assuming you have properly connected the Internal Speaker to the Motherboard) no beep means that you are not getting a POST message.

Try removing all cards, and peripherals connected to the motherboard. (even the VGA)
If you power it on now, see if you're getting any beeps.
You can even try removing the RAM to try and find out if theres a beep....

If only the CPU, and RAM, and VGA cards are connected the PC should boot up... if it doesn't then one of these components might be faulty. Double check all Jumpers on the Motherboard and what they should be set on in the Motherboard Manual.

Disconnect all of the Case Cables from the motherboard except Power and Speaker

350W should be more than enough to at least get a post.

Is the CPU Cooler fitted properly... (does it become hot to the touch?)

One last thing is something that i found YEARS ago with a motherboard... someone accidentally connected a jumper across the Pins of the Reset Switch on the motherboard... this will have the same effect as keeping the reset button depressed..

Hopes this makes sense...
Let me know if you need any more info
Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Hi J,

I've got nothing in the motherboard other than the processor & cooler. I've tried powering on and STILL no beep. The only motherboard wires I have connected are the speaker and power switch cables from the case.

The cooler doesn't really get hot, although how long should it be running for before I notice a temperature difference?

Are you sure that the back of the motherboard is not shorted out by something? Also try removing the CPU and re-seating it after having cleaned it carefully to make sure there are good contacts everywhere. & make sure the contacts on the m/b are clean before re-seating the CPU.
patricklab could well be onto something. Pull the mobo and give it a try sitting on a piece of cardboard. Have you got the extra 4 pin power connector plugged in? If the socket exists on the board but you don't have the plug coming from your power supply, you will need a new (P4) power supply.

Chris B
uh, have you tried the monitor on another machine? does it work??

Is there a red jumper on the MoBo? something about battery saving. Did you change it?
are there any other jumpers youre supposed to change/check BEFORE trying to power on PC?

Does the cpu fan actually spin?

You say you have nothing BUT processor and fan, you also need RAM in order to get it working (i know you know this, but just making sure.)

good luck!
Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Hi all, I haven't forgotten about this question, I'm waiting for EBuyer to hurry up to test the motherboard for me, before sending out a new one! :)
Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Ebuyer shipped out a new motherboard, after the last one was faulty. Works a treat. Thanks for your help! :-)
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