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I want a demo with two apps: the first has a list of all the folders and disks of the computer and you select one folder; the second gets to see the folder selected and can view the files that are contained in it and then can download a file or the entire folder. I want them to have all the elements a file transfer needs when one is started, like a progress bar, the size of the file selected, the amount of the file you've already downloaded, k/sec speed, time elapsed, time left, etc.
Please, just answer the question.

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Wim ten BrinkConnect With a Mentor Self-employed developerCommented:
To enumerate files and folders you might find components but it's easier to do in raw code. Here's a complete solution to enumerate files and folders and to split them into two files. One file holds all foldernames, the other all filenames. It's a complete project, though!

program EnumFolders;
uses SysUtils, Classes;
procedure EnumerateFolder( const Folder: string );
  I: Integer;
  SearchRec: TSearchRec;
  Folders, Files: TStringList;
  Folders := TStringList.Create;
  Files := TStringList.Create;
  Folders.Add( IncludeTrailingBackslash( Folder ) );
  I := 0;
  while ( I < Folders.Count ) do begin
    if ( FindFirst( Folders[ I ] + '*.*', faAnyFile, SearchRec ) = 0 ) then begin
        if ( ( SearchRec.Attr and faDirectory ) = faDirectory ) then begin
          if not ( ( SearchRec.Name = '.' ) or ( SearchRec.Name = '..' ) ) then begin
            Folders.Add( IncludeTrailingBackslash( Folders[ I ] + SearchRec.Name ) );
        else begin
          Files.Add( Folders[ I ] + SearchRec.Name );
      until ( FindNext( SearchRec ) <> 0 );
      FindClose( SearchRec );
    Inc( I );
  Folders.SaveToFile( ChangeFileExt( ParamStr( 0 ), '_Folders.txt' ) );
  Files.SaveToFile( ChangeFileExt( ParamStr( 0 ), '_Files.txt' ) );
  EnumerateFolder( 'C:' );

About your intentions, I do not believe a hacker would openly ask suspicious questions in these kinds of usergroups. Because if they do, they are easily caught because you can be traced from this site. Therefore, I don't mind it that much if hackers do ask questions here. Furthermore, many hackers tend to use lots of different resources instead of forums like this just because this forum isn't private enough. Smart hackers go deep underground. Since you've proved that you're not stupid, I'll just assume you have legitimate reasons for this.

Now, for the actual file-transfer you would need some communication method between two computers. With Windows 98 the best solution would be to use the Indy TCP/IP component and then define your own protocol to send the files over from A to B. A demo for this would not be very useful since there are already enough Indy demo's available. The ImageServer demo from Indy shows how to send over binary data through TCP/IP. Actually, it IS the demo you're looking for... ;-)
This is not a question. You are expecting to have a full app. For to get that kind of thing, i think that you should give something more than points :) All the things you said in your post can be a separate question. So it would be better to try to write this app and then ask here when you face with problems.. Then you would receive more than you expect with this post. Or you may think to hire a programmer for to do that. This is just a suggestion.

Kind Regards,

quite right..
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lobo_esteparioAuthor Commented:
If you want to, just answer one of the "many" questions there are and I will split the points but I dont want to hear about "suggestions".
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
This transfer... Should it be done through FTP? Or Named Pipes? Or some other techniques? How complicated should we make it anyway?

I have a suggestion, though. Why don't you yourself just start coding and whenever you're stuck, post a question for help. That's much easier for all of us. Especially since you're asking us to dedicate a large amount of time and all we get is a few points at EE, if we're lucky.
What is the question?  All I see is statments.  You don't want suggestions?  Suggestions for what?  Lets assume the question is how would I go about programming something like the following in delphi.  Wouldn't suggestions be expectted to follow on how to do the programming yourself.  Experts-Exchange isn't a place to go to get a full Application programmed for you.  It's a place to get advice on how to program something like this or when YOUR in the process of doing yourself and get stuck with a piece of code, it's a place to get help with that piece of code.  The answer to your question is to: Hire a programmer to do this application for you or get startted upon this application yourself and when you run into trouble come back and ask about the part your stuck on.

Looking at your past questions.  You should know this already.  Plus, what type of
application are you making.  The past questions you have asked points to a trojan
type of application.
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
@RenegadeBBS, do you really think he's trying to create a trojan? Okay, let's look at some facts.
lobo_estepario has asked 6 questions and graded 5 of them with A grades and one B. First he wants code for an application that installs itself in the Windows folder and starts up at reboot. Then he wants to know how to include an executable in some other executable. Thus making the second one some kind of installer. These two are reasonable questions.
But his third question arouses suspicion. He wants to detect logoff so he can write a key to the registry. This way, even if the user deletes the key, his code will just put it back in. I cannot think of a valid reason for this except for spyware or a virus. On the other hands, there are some developers who fear the users are stupid, deleting all kinds of keys that they think they don't need and thus he repairs itslef, if possible. Or this application is part of a company product that users are not allowed to disable. Legitimate reasons but already a bit fishy.
In his 4th question he asks a bit about the registry. Especially the key name he uses: "openkey('Software\EL LOBO ESTEPARIO OWNS YOU',true);" shows that his mind is thinking in a funny way. And he wants to know how to make it more protected, preventing users from modifying it. Bit weird, but okay.
Then he wants to know about how to make a shortcut. Well, many people have asked similar questions already so it's not that suspicious. Besides, for the shortcut to be created the user must have run the application at least once already.

But now the question of how to copy files from one computer to the other. Combined with the other information provided this could indeed be the base of some trojan virus that he's trying to create to infect other computers with. The full overview of all files on the harddisk and the way to copy those files to another system, yes... That is suspicious to me. I think it's wise to let lobo_estepario explain his intentions first before a solution is provided. Although if he really is a viruswriter then he qualified for being the dumbest since he's leaving lots of track marks...;-)
I would support a boycott on answers to this question absent an explanation.
lobo_esteparioAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, I don't have time to read all of your post, and this is true I'm not being sarcastic. I'm not writing a trojan, but I did create a keylogger for my machine cause my father uses my computer and the first three question asked by me were meant to make my app more secure: the start method question is obvious, the detect logoff question I think is obvious too, the one to store an exe inside another is to prevent someone start my computer in Windows 98 and delete my exefile.
I must admit that was my first occupation, but if you look at the next two questions you will see that then I started asking about other things like how to make shortcuts and how to manage the software registry cause I wanted to do a commercial app out of my keylogger cause I liked it very much and a time watcher I had made long ago.
I need file transfer code cause I wanna make a program like Soulseek (a file sharing program for me and my friends). If you want to do it it's fine but if you don't please don't post. The only reason I'm explaining these is because I think virus writing is not allowed here. Besides, I don't have a reason to write a trojan or a worm.
lobo_esteparioAuthor Commented:
I just read all the comments and I laughed a lot with Renegade... comments. I used to answer questions agresively too in order to prove my 'intelligence' but actually that's kind of stupid. This was the last thing I'm gonna write that is not about the 'question' itself.
But you are right in something, I didn't really had a question cause I wanted you to make a demo for me because I don't even know what components I need to list the folders of a computer.
So if you post code to make the file transfer I wouldn't know how to make the visual part of the program.
Why don't you give me code to transfer a file and then I ask my questions about the visual components while I'm making the program (which I'm gonna start now)?.
Or, as I said earlier do just a part and I will split the points, but please don't post anything else.
lobo_esteparioAuthor Commented:
I didn't see the post from sftweng until now and honestly I don't understand it.
RenegadeBBSConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Look at the FTP demo included.  In the left hand panel click on ICS.
Also look for the User supplied demos.

Basic demo of how to do it with tcp/ip & ICS

Indy Project:
Get the automatic installer, makes it easier.  Then
download all the demo's off that page.  Look at the FTP
demo ones.

The type of demo's you want to look for are FTP client/server demos.

btw: I didn't mean any harm with the comment.  Just asking you what was the intent of the application malice or
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