VB.NET with web pages?

I have some users who need a client-server application, where they can do some things offline, and then when they need to perform some online operations, they can work with the server.  In the past, with vb6 I would normally use TCP/IP with a database, nothing special.

Now, my users are saying that they want the same type of application, but instead of standard windows forms, they want HTML forms through a browser interface... that run LOCALLY.  I've already asked this question in the asp.net forum, and it appears that it is not really possible/feasible to deploy a client-side asp.net application that acts as a client-server application.

So, can this be done in vb.net?  Is the webbrowser control in vb.net any better than with vb6?  With vb6, I would have to use vbscript/javascript and place dll's in the local html page in order to "link" vb logic.  But, what a pain in the *** just for a web look and feel.  Is there a better way in vb.net to do this?

Thanks in advance.
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Timbo87Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In order for this to work, every single user would need to be running a local web server with ASP.NET also running. Not a very feasible solution.
iboutchkineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> Is the webbrowser control in vb.net any better than with vb6?

It is the same control AFAIK
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