Access to SQL Upsize Error

When attempting to upsize an Access database, a client is receiving the error:

Server Error 15135: Object is invalid. Extended properties are not permitted
on 'dbo.forumMessageAttachments', or the object does not exist.

when attempting to upsize his forum software.  Does this error message mean that it is unable to be upsized because it uses special Access features that do not translate to SQL server?
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bbaldwinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, you may need to Compact and Repair before upsizing.
Sounds like a compilation error. Was the database compiled prior to upsizing?
gexenAuthor Commented:
Not to my knowledge, but I know virtually nothing about Access nor MS SQL, all my SQL work as been in SAPDB or MySQL, so I know nothing about these Microsoft technologies.

I can advise the client to try Compact and Repair, but what does it mean for an Access database to be compiled?
Is there any VBA (Visual Basic for Access) code written in the database? All you have to do to compile open a "module" even if you have to open a new one and go to the Debug menu and choose Compile [Database Name]. If there is an error, there is a problem with some code.  
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