Spam Emails being sent through my computer

My computer is sending hundreds of emails.  A pop up from symantec states "Your email message was unable to be sent because your mail server rejected the message."  I have NAV.  I have tried many of the virus/spyware scan freeware sites with no luck.  Any help on stopping this would be helpful.  Thankyou.
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Tim HolmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hosed or not, everything's fixable...  ;)  Here's my standard blurb:

Getting rid of the problem...

1)  Run a full Stinger scan in Safe Mode -
2)  Install and run LavaSoft AdAware -
3)  Download and run HijackThis (HJT)
4)  Post the log at
5)  Run MSBA - & take appropriate patching action

Stopping it happen again...

1)  Ensure WindowsUpdate is set to update your system
2)  Download a pop-up blocker - eg
3)  Install Lavasoft AdAware and run regular scans, or just leave it and have it handy for when problems start recurring.
4)  Keep your AV software up to date - daily updates recommended
5)  Enable Internet Connection Firewall, or use ZoneAlarm if you don't use XP
6)  Stay vigilant.  Don't bother opening non-work related email attachments, or install an on-access virus scanner so that it doesn't matter if you do.
7)  Look at a host IPS - eg to cover your machine between when a virus hits the wild and when a patch is finally released that fixes it.  Average time is roughly 6 days.

Are you using any email client to send emails ? If yes , first close the email client.

a) Install a good firewall like zonealarm.

b) Update the virus definition of NAV.
Scan virus using these both in NORMAL AND SAFE MODE.

Stinger :


and this Online virus scanner :

c) Then remove all temporary files

Remove temporary internet files, folders and cookies
Also remove windows Temp files going to

1) Start --> run --> typein:  %systemroot%/temp
2) Start  --> run --> typein: %temp%

d) Spams are very tricky to figure out.. Do you have any spamkiller installed , if not install it..
summit76Author Commented:
I am not using a email client

I have a firewall through Norton is that good?

NAV is updated.

I tried Stinger and houscall with no luck.

I did this.  What should I delete once these pages are up.
1) Start --> run --> typein:  %systemroot%/temp
2) Start  --> run --> typein: %temp%

I do not know what spam killer is.
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> I have a firewall through Norton is that good?

It depends to say whether it is good or not. It is better to have zonealarm ..

NAV most of the time doesnot find latest virus. Run the virus scanners , i have suggested to be sure

You can remove all the files once that temp folder comes in. DONOT remove the TEMP folder , remove only the contents.
some files you cannot remove , donot worry about those. you can remove them in safe mode..


Is it really the problem caused by NAV? Is these mails those you wanna sent? or is it on its own? My point is, maybe you'd check the sending/receiving servers are ok and active first, probably the server isn't responding correctly after all..

If the mails arent ones u wanna send, you should try to do a full scan for any program that makes the computer sending out mails.

disable ports 25 110 113 in out tcp udp all ip addresses , this should stop the pc from sending all e-mails , course if its an internal spam app it could dos yourself but odds of it are slim if you make sure firewall is set to
DENY the connections
Tim HolmanCommented:
Sounds very much like Blaster trying to replicate.
Run a full Stinger scan in SAFE MODE -
jus scans the ports online  with the help of softwares available in

tds3 trojan scanner can perfectly look for any worms that send mails from ur pc
also there is port scanner software which could help u ports online!!!

deny the ports use the utils on if your curious
Tim is right - boot your machine to safe mode and scan all your drives.
go to a format
Tim HolmanCommented:
If the operating system is bootable, then no format required...
required it isnt , but would clean things up
quote from author Your email message was unable to be sent because your mail server rejected the message."
knowing what error code was recieved would be helpful , this could be user has gone over an e-mail quota , a misconfigured mailserver,
the fact its rejecting i assume means hes authenticating propertly so the second choice is probably out
try taking down NAV and all other av/firewalls you have , then see if you can send an e-mail this will narrow the issues some
summit76Author Commented:
I ran stinger and it did not detect anything.  I installed zonealarm and the pop ups stating "Your email message was unable to be sent because your mail server rejected the message" have stopped(which is very good).  Most of the email titles being sent were pornographic.  These are not emails I am sending or want sent.  They slow my internet connection and were at such high volumes that the pop up alerts made it difficult to use the computer at all.  Like I said the pop ups have stopped but its difficult to tell if these spam emails are still being sent.  During the first hour after being instaled zone alarm noted 9000 intrusion attemps.  This problem first started a couple months ago and then stopped.  My computer never ran as well and now that its back it makes me belive that it was never really gone.    
"During the first hour after being instaled zone alarm noted 9000 intrusion attemps.  This problem first started a couple months ago and then stopped.  My computer never ran as well and now that its back it makes me belive that it was never really gone."

My friend, your machine is badly 'hosed'.  We could give you accurate and professional advice that would gradually reduce your symptoms after hours of your own hard efforts, and still not be certain you have rid your machine of serious trouble.

I don't know what your technical experience level is, but I steer you towards reformating your hardrive. It will take you 5-10 hours assuming you have ALL of your origninal software CD's, usernames, and passwords handy, and access to another PC for researching trouble - but it's the only way to ensure a clean PC.

How do you decide what to do?  If you answer yes to any of the following, I'd reformat.  

-Are you behind a router/firewall from your ISP?
-do you do Online banking?
-do you do use the Internet to access your credit cards?
-do you do use the Internet for Online Bill payments
-did you ever create Excel, Word, etc., documents with personal information (SS#, drivers license, DOB, passwords, etc.)
-Have anything you wouldn't like someone to steal.
-do you connect to Employers VPN?

Reformatting is painful and slow, but the surefire way of cleaning a machine that has been compromised for months.  You will also be able to start fresh with the previous suggestion of Zone Alarm, AV, anti-spyware tools, etc.  If you're really paranoid (like me),and answered yes to most of the above items, then I'd also order a credit report.  

If you have XP, you could do a system restore to a date many months back.  But this will give you a false sense of security if you don't know how to go about 'hardening' your PC from future attacks.

Reformat and sleep better.  But backup your music and family photos first =)

hmm... i believe something really messed up is happening in your computer. try to use antivirius software to give it a thorugh scan or use adaware and hijackthis to remove unwanted entries...

of course, the best way for such big entanglement is to re-format, it's up to your discretion.

Tim HolmanCommented:
Which bit fixed this ?  
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