HP Softpaq trying to run in msdos

I have download softpaq's from HP's website and when I try to install them it tries to run in dos and it says the the program is to big for memory.  It shouldn't run in dos at all.  When I look at the properties of the file it says on the program tab that it is an ms dos app.  But it's not.   I am running windows xp pro with sp2.  Help!

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Hi Emmis,
> I have download softpaq's from HP's website

Are you sure it is supposed to run in windows xp ?

Can you give that link here where you downloaded so that experts can check to see.

In the meanwhile , check these

compatibility mode HOW TO: Use the Program Compatibilit  Wizard in Windows XP

HOW TO: Use Windows Program Compatibility Mode in Windows XP

Troubleshooting MS-DOS-Based Programs in Windows

EmmisAuthor Commented:
yes I am sure that it's for xp and I have already looked at those KB's.  thanks thought but still need help.
Usually the SoftPaqs are compressed files; when you run them - they extract files to a predefined location. Try to 'Right Click' on the file and use WinZip to extract them manually via choosing 'Extract to c:\SoftPack....(or any other location)'.

If you dont have any compression software; you may use the following link to download a freeware compression utility:

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EmmisAuthor Commented:
I have tried that with warr and winzip and it won't exact all the way.  I have redownload them several time, still with no luck.

Could you post here what you have downloaded and trying to install so that we experts can try
EmmisAuthor Commented:
EmmisAuthor Commented:
any softpaq for an evo D530U
How are you downloading those files?  If you are using an FTP client, make sure to set it to BINARY mode.  Type this into an MS-DOS prompt:

open ftp.compaq.com
<your email address>
cd pub
cd softpaq
cd sps28501-29000
get SP28710.exe

I would suggest disk diagnostic procedures that may include the following:
1. Veryfy free disk space.
2. Run Chkdsk via the command prompt and restart your computer (Start => Run... => type 'cmd' and press 'Enter' => type 'chkdsk /F /R' and press 'Enter' => You may need to approve scanning the drive after restart).
3. Dont press any key until the drive is finished scanning for errors.

Try to open the files again.


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