Looking for EPOS software

I'm looking for EPOS software to run on a PC. I have a touchscreen and receipt printer etc.
It must be configurable for UK conditions.
So far the only one I have found is SalesStream from http://www.jsanet.co.uk/ .
I did also find a free one called ProffittCenter but it  looked a bit too rough and ready.
Anyone know of any others that they can recommend?
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basiclifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Damn. sorry that was the wrong thread. Have you tired Zonal ? http://www.zonal.co.uk/ Their till system are fairly comprehensive. I'm afraid I don't know cost per terminal  but some of their software I've used matches all your other criteria
monosodiumgAuthor Commented:
Rest assured I have done that search and a dozen more. I have spent over 30 hours searching. I'm asking here as a last resort.

Of the hits returned, 3 point to solutions i have already mentioned and the remaining ones that aren't searches themselves aren't of entirely the wrong scale (I need software for one PC not a nationwide chain).

Let me add some more constraints (this is not something Google supports ;)
Cost < GBP1000 per terminal (PC)
Touchscreen only operation should be supported
Receipt printing supported
Data should be exportable
Customer details should be recordable

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I don't know of one but have been looking myself for AGES. If you do find one, could you please place a link to it here? Thanks
Zonal is a valid solution but as there was no reply to my post I'm not sure if it was what he was after. I have no problem with a deletion
monosodiumgAuthor Commented:
I checked out Zonal and got the impression they did only hardware. Have just checked again and they do do software too but there's not a lot of info on their site. Have just called them and they will call me back when whoever gets back to the office.
There's a B at least in this for basiclife.
monosodiumgAuthor Commented:
Just called Zonal again. They don't sell their software separately, only with their own complete systems so Zonal are unfortunately not a valid solution.

 basiclife gets the pts because (s)he made the best effort. A 'B' coz that's what I rashly promised though it really ought to be a C since the answer isn't a solution in any way.


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