Configure DNS on Windows 2003 for Active Directory and Exchange


I want to configure DNS for Active Directory and Exchange 2003.  I do have a domain name, however I have never configured DNS.  

I am bot sure what the different terms are however I need to setup DNS because I want machines logging in a domain controller and also Exchange working on another machine.

Can someone please provide step - to -step for a basic setup of DNS something that will allow to use a domain of ( and provide DNS IP Addresses which I can put into standlone PC's that will link to the DNS.

I basically want all PCs logging into a domain and using Exchange 2003 for there mail server.

I know how to configure Exchange 2003, Domain Controller but I have no clue on DNS?

Can someone please help me configure the DNS part for this?

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rhandelsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If this isn't a DC, i would say do a dcpromo, then DNS will be configured for you automatically. If this isn't installed, you can go to Config Options and got to Add/Remove Programs. Choose Windows Components and choose Network Services and choose DNS there. This will setup DNS.... But, you will need to have a domain for DNS to be working..

Do you allready have a DC?? If so, you would need to have DNS allready installed. To see if DNS is allready installed, try to see the administrative Tools and check for DNS there.. If you don't have a DC, the DNS service will be created if you upgrade the server to a DC. Just give it a name (preferably not an existing outside address, something like and you will be good to go.

After that, make sure that all worksations get a DNS server specified in their TCP/IP settings. This can be done manually or by using DHCP. If you use DHCP, just add the 6 scope option of the DHCP (it is the DNS server) and put the ip address of the server in it. This way alle machines will use the DNS server for reslovance.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
AJAY_MASSONAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response, however I I think I should give you more information.

I have just bulit a DC however byt not configured DNS, the option is there under Administrative tools but have no idea on how to setup DNS.

I will try what you said, however if you think I need to know anything else, please let me know.
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Is this your first DC or is it going to be just a backup DNS server?  As rh mentions, when you promote the server to DC status, the wizards in 2K3 will create your DNS server for you...  I personally like using a .local address for my internal Domain, but it is up to you.  

Indeed, using a .local is also a nice idea..

If this is the first server, it will automatically install DNS, if this is the back-up, it will not automatically set up DNS (you would need to install, but that's not the case here).

If you set up DNS during install, you allready setup the DNS, you cannot change the name of the domain (only if the domain is 2003 native you could change the name). If this is a new setup, i would suggest using the DNS name you setup (go to DNS, then server and then look to see which forward lookup zones are configured). If you need anothe one, just do a reïnstall or a dcpromo do start over again, it will cost ya a lot less headaches.. ;)

SO to be honest, you are somewhat there.. I would say, just go on where you started, you will get there. If you see something you cannot get to work, just post a question and qwe will help ya..
Just give us as much info as possible...  :)
AJAY_MASSONAuthor Commented:
Hello again,

Well I have just done a new install again of Win 2003 Server, however I have installed DNS.  As I can see the option to   There are no forward lookup names or reverse names.  

Do I manually put these entries in or do I use DCPROMO to configure the server for me.

Any help would be great.

Have you joined it to a domain yet?  Again, if joining an existing domain, is this going to be a backup DC or DNS server?  Try running the command:

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

from the command shell...
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