ADSL router stops to function after certain period of time

Urgent Help needed.
  i am using Dlink (DI-804HV) adls router. it is being used to share the internet connection in a small office. the problem with the router is, it was working fine until one day there was a black out in the office, since that day it connects to the internet for 10-20 min then it will stop to function. but when the power is turned off and turned on again it will start to function again for 10-20 min.
i have checked the connection of internet, its working fine when connected directly to the computer. even the network switch is also working fine.
Can anyone advise me on this one as im really having a hard time solving this out.
i have also tried with DLink DI-704P router and it gives the same problem. Thanks
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Since you say you are having the same problem with two routers, and that it started after a power disruption, you might be dealing with a problem with your provider’s equipment. As it could have been damaged from what ever happed to the power. One thing you could do to make sure where the problem is, is if you know someone with a DSL connection, you could take one of the routers over to their place and set it up to see if it works OK there.
Like Dr-IP mentionned two routers and same problem, its evident there is something wrong with equipment...but when the BLACK OUT happened was the DLink DI-704P  plugged in, if yes than i agree with Dr-IP that both equipment could  have been hit but if that model DLink DI-704P  was not plugged at the time the block out happened, you can be looking at some PHYSICAL LINE PROBLEM and as a tech support guy working for an ADSL company, I would suggest you to call National Phone repair and get the phone line could be causing the problem...Its worth trying since your loosing connection often, I mean if i would a Business, I would wait for my lines to be tested and checked ASAP.

I hope this helps you ( experience talks)
sorry ERR: I WOULDNT WAIT   :)
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akhildbugAuthor Commented:
thanks for advices, when the time of black out DI-704P was not connected. and when i connect directly the connection works fine. the only problem occurs when it is connected to the router.
akhildbugAuthor Commented:
also i have checked all the cables as well, everything seems fine. and i've tried with few different cables as well, no problems in cables or modem.
I dont know if you have settings setup for the router already, but i can strongly advise you to reset the settings...on the back of router hold the reset button.

If the connection drops again, why not try the router @ tech place, or I beleive its a defective router.

You need to try that router somewhere else if reseting doesnt help.


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akhildbugAuthor Commented:
i have already tried resetting the router settings. well i will check router somewhere else.
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