Nework device automated inventory? Such a thing?

I'm just wondering, before I create another spreadsheet, is there a program out there that can create a sufficient device inventory on a large network?

I guess I'm looking for something that would do a IP sweep and then return information about PCs and other devices.

Anything like that around that people use?
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zerofieldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there's a company out of iceland that makes very cheap software (perhaps the monetary conversion helps the USD?) that has a program that does nearly this..

i cant remember the name, but their website is or .something like that.  im not affiliated with them or anything, im only posting their website here cus its one of the things i reviewed in my search for the same thing.

there's a suite from Intuit that i cant remember the name of..horribly expensive and reasonably painful, but it does the same thing without scanning.  it runs an agent on each local machine.
TargetuserAuthor Commented:

Thanks.  I'll try that.   I was hoping to use a tool with SMS.   SMS seems to already monitor all the PCs.

It would be nice if I could find a SMS tool.
every company ive worked with using SMS had me there to get them off of it ;)  cant help ya there.
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Yeah, Intuit's (Formerly BlueOcean's) TrackIt! does the job, but as you said it's resource intenssive.  Still, it's worth a look as an enterprise solution.  The product has been around for over 5 years that I know of.
i think 5 years this year.. its relatively new.  in my opinion, it really sucks :P  they should have split it up into 5 packages instead of doing purchasing/tracking/etc, made each package cheaper, and focused more on developing them.  I swear i dont think they beta test any of their products, as every single version they've ever come out with has been bugged through the roof for the first 3-8 months of the product!

I really cant in good taste recommend using that one.
I reviewed (and then dismissed) it at our site.  It simply wasn't a fit here.  I wouldn't say I recommended it, only a look.  You know oddly enough, IF you are friendly with Gateway support techs, they have a snazzy little product for this with virtually no bugs or resource requirements.
call me crazy, but i swear that little iceland company's products look nice.  ive never had a full licensed version, but (i think they  changed it somewhat now) they used to offer trials, and that stuff was really nice for the piddly little $300'ish they want for most of their stuff.
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