Cluster compatible SATA controllers - know of any?

I'm really wanting to migrate a few solutions here to SATA based cluster solutions.  My ONLY problem in doing this is that I do not know of a controller/external storage combination that is compatible with this.

I've used this link:

and come up with this link by searching for SATA:

but they're all fiber channel based.

Please only answer if you're experienced with this!  I appreciate the help guys.
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gjohnson99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is what you want to use

---- >>>>     iSCSI

Works with any disk drive type,  works with windows. You connect by using ethernet. Microsoft has a free client for it (iSCSI Initator) .
The host software I have been user is WinTarget by string bean free demo (start at $250) .

I have it up and running on cluster over Gig ethernet using Sata, it works very well and fast.
nice review on a broadcom sata adapter
zerofieldAuthor Commented:
yea i saw that review.. in fact its one of the controllers along with 3ware's escalade series that we're looking at.  i cant find anything saying that it'll work with a windows cluster, though.
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zerofieldAuthor Commented:
I'm familiar with iSCSI, but what enclosure is it you're running the SATA's in?
I have got A few deffrent ones .

A 5 bay  3 x 5.25 space from supermicro less than $200

also been uning a lot stuff from aic  - they make a 2u case with  8 bays for sata.

I have beed using microsofts initiator and string beans win target
zerofieldAuthor Commented:
ill give this a day or two more for any more suggestions, just to round up some answers if i can.
zerofieldAuthor Commented:
welp, thats as good of a suggestion as any, thanks man.
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