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The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service terminated with service-specific error 4294966278

Server unexpectedly died last friday after I went home (no one thought it was important enough to let me know this). So its now monday morning and I am presented with an error on our exchange 5.5 box.
"The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service terminated with service-specific error 4294966278"
From what I could tell it looks like the information store is corrupt. After reading some MS articles I ran a Chkdsk.exe /f d: and then rebooted. Chkdsk did its thing and I logged into the NT machine and found the error in the event viewer
"The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the device \Device\Harddisk0\Partition3 with label "". "

Gotta love Mondays! Anyone have any good ideas on what to do next?
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2 Solutions
1. Run eseutil /p and isinteg to fix the database
2. If the above does not work and the store is still unmountable,,,restore from last known good.
3. Your hardware may be failing so replace it soon.

4. Ensure you take plenty of Pepto Bismo for the amount of yelling your gonna recieve. "IS email down!!"......Don't u love mondays. ((i know it's not funny, but want to lighten u up)

Let me know. Glad to try to help

DMS-XAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jag,

I have just moved the swap file back to the c drive and from what I have read it the corrupt partition needs to be reformatted. I have not decided to if I am going to do this yet but I am prepairing : )

> Run eseutil /p and isinteg to fix the database
"CAUTION: Repairs to the database using the eseutil /p switch, deletes pages (increments the repair count) and the database is not stable and reliable after that."

Alright I'm scared :(
DMS-XAuthor Commented:
Ooooh maybe someone has a better idea about whats going on. One of the employees had send an email out with a 15mb attachement on friday right when the server crashed. This person was kind enough to let me know. The company I work for didn't want to put a limit on attachement sizes this was out of my hands. The antivirus probably was trying to scan this file and killed the exchange server? This would be my best guess.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

What antivirus software are you using.
If it's the Norton Client version, all Exchange databases should be excluded from it's scanning engine.

you'll need something like "Mail Security" or "Symantec Antivirus/Filtering (SAF/F)) sofltware for scanning INSIDE the database. Antivirus for Client WILL corrupt a database. What the Caution is talking about is if you don't have circular loggin turned on and a backup has not committed all the changes to the database. Basically anything after the LAST KNOWN good backup may be lost. UNLESS ofcourse you attempt to run eseutil /r to replay the log's back into the database. eseutil /p is the Fix all, last resort, if doesn't doesn't work your kinda Screeewd utility.

sorry to be so blunt

And of course before attempting ANY kind of repair or change. SAVE the data and copy the database to another location or back it up SOMEHOW.
DMS-XAuthor Commented:
>And of course before attempting ANY kind of repair or change. SAVE the data and copy the database to another location or back it up SOMEHOW.
The very first thing I did : ) + I did a tape backup.

>What antivirus software are you using.

ran a "eseutil.exe /r" with no errors but exchange still wouldn't start
then I ran a "eseutil /mh path\pub.edb" and a "eseutil /mh path\priv.edb" and I got inconsistencies.
so now I am doing a eseutil /p /ispriv (its taking its sweet time)

Thanks for helping out : )

depending on certain factors. Speed, mem, etc.. it's about 2.0 - 2.5 GB per hour.

Hope it works. Let us know.

panda is more like a client version of antivirus software. ensure you EXCLUDE the Database and log directory .. infact the whole C:\program files\Exchsrvr directory.

DMS-XAuthor Commented:
The scan results are below. I must make a decision should I repair the IS databases or should I lose a days worth of email and restore last good backup of the IS?
I would hate for thier to be problems after running the hard repair and then I must do and Exmerge. But then I am losing 1 days woth of email if I go with the tape backup method. GGGGGRRRRRRR I hate Microsoft.

checking database integrity

                    Scanning Status  ( % complete )

          0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100
          Table "1-59E7", Index "?T668f+B67aa-Te06+Q674a":  index entry 97 inconsistent

Table "1-60BB", Index "?T668f+MQ67a6":  index entry 2589 inconsistent
Table "DeliveredTo", Index "DeliveredTo2":  index entry 5 inconsistent
.Table "S-e-7D98E8", Index "?T668f+B67aa-Te06+Q674a":  index entry 1 inconsistent
Table "S-e-8180D7", Index "?T668f+B67aa-Te06+Q674a":  index entry 1 inconsistent
Sounds bad, you could try replaying the logs before they where commited into the resotred database. This might introduce possible corruption though. It is very wise of you to have good backups as it is. Most IT admins don't think about it. They just start over. Anyway, for best use of the time and fastest way to get backup and running, i'd restore from tape and provide SERVICE back to your clients. That should be top priority. Email can be resent if needed. Just the way these things work. You clients wilL HAVE to understand this. THATS WHY BACKUPS EXIST. they should be lucky they  have someone that has them loose only 1 day of email with minimal down time then loosing it all.
Best of luck


you DB is dead bro..
further digging will cost you and your company more.. bottom line right...hehe
DMS-XAuthor Commented:
>Email can be resent if needed
Backup MX, I love it.

It has been a long time since I have had to do a restore of the information restore from tape backup. Would someone be kind enough to refresh my memory really quick. Is just restoring the Information Store for exchange in veritas enough or do I need to restore also the microsoft exchange directory?

I would like to also reformat my D: drive where the information store is located. As I mention erlier in this post the D: drive is having some problems. I might be able to do this anther day however.
  Went thru the issue. Seems really bad. Have you enabled Circular Logging in your server for IS. If so you will be loosing all the mails which have been sent after the backup. Hope you are familiar with all these. If you are sure that the Exchange system files are intact, you need not reinstall Exchange. Any case you have to restore the IS for getting the databases.
  When you restore an online backup of an Exchange database, the database is in an inconsistent state. The process of bringing the database to a consistent state after a restore procedure is called "hard recovery." During hard recovery, the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) uses information in the log files and patch files to redo operations performed on the database and then to undo any operations that belong to incomplete transactions.

In Exchange Server 5.5, this happens automatically the next time the service started. When the service starts, the presence of a Restore in Progress registry key indicates that recovery must be run on the database using the information in the Restore in Progress key.
GIve it a try. All the best buddy. You better format your D: and check for any bad sectors and then go with the restore process.
DMS-XAuthor Commented:
Decided to close this one out. I am not done yet howerver. I have opened up another question

Thanks for your help Lag and Vasanth,
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