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Hello all,

I am designing a site which uses an iFrame to show the links that the user clicks.  What I also want to happen is to load an image with the page title that is separate to the iFrame.  I don't think I have explained this very well, so it might be better to visit my site at: http://www.3doubleu.co.uk/test/ 

Where it says the 'About' title, I want this to change to another image saying 'Photos' if someone clicks on that link.  If you want me to post the code for any pages then thats no problem.  I would just like to say that I am very new to JavaScript, and if you could put any explanation in idiot language that would be great :-)

Many thanks in advance,

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Might be able to do it onload then... instead of when they click, do it when the new mini-page is loaded.

See if this will work, undo the old ones:

in the mini-page for About, your BODY tag should look like this:
<body onselectstart="return false;" onload="FixTitle('images/aboutpage.jpg')">

Then stick the FixTitle script in the HEAD section as above, but use this instead:
function FixTitle (x) { window.top.document.images['pagetitle'].src = x; }

This says:
ONLOAD (when the mini-page loads),
window (current window, a.k.a. mini-page a.k.a. LeftIframe)
dot top (parent window, aka main window)
dot document (the document..... as above)
Give it a name:
<img src="images/pagetitle.jpg" alt="" name="pagetitle" />

Then you can use JavaScript to replace the picture when you click the link:
document.images['pagetitle'].src = "images/aboutpage.jpg";

This will replace images/pagetitle.jpg with images/aboutpage.jpg with JavaScript

To do the same on many links, try this:
(this part goes in your HEAD section)
<script language="JavaScript">
function FixTitle (x) { document.images['pagetitle'].src = x; }

(and this goes in each link)
<a href="about.html" target="LeftIframe" onclick="FixTitle('images/aboutpage.jpg')">

So you have about.html as your page, LeftIframe as your target, and FixTitle() to replace your image.

In "idiot language": When the user clicks the link to load a new page, they run this FixTitle whats-a-ma-jig.  FixTitle changes the picture at the top, and it knows how to find that picture by its name (pagetitle).

It's literally saying
document (this page)
dot images (the images on this page)
['pagetitle']  (the specific image)
dot src (the source of the image)
equals x (stick X in place of the image on the page, where X is whatever you tell it to use)

In this case, FixTitle('images/aboutpage.jpg') will put aboutpage.jpg in place of pagetitle.jpg.
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john-formbyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I have tried entering the code for many links and have created and uploaded all images and index.html.  Unfortunately though, it won't work?  When I click on a link, it  won't load the image :-(

Let me try a couple things tonight, I think it might be loading the page before it gets to the FixTitle part, that could be what's not working.
john-formbyAuthor Commented:
Sorry to be a problem, but it also needs to loads the correct title when the site first loads.  E.g. if the visitor enters at the index page, the abouttitle.jpg image should be loaded.  If they enter the site through one of the other pages the correct page title needs to be loaded for that page.

john-formbyAuthor Commented:
Hi, that works brilliantly.  Thanks very much for all your help :-)  You deserve every one of these points.

Thank you, sir!
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