Windows 2000 server and Internet connectivity?

I just finished setting up Windows 2000 Server with DNS and AD.  

I am running 3 XP Pro desktops through a US Robotics Router.

I am able to connect to the server on all the machines as well as surf the net through the usrobotics router that is acting as the DHCP Server.

However when I have tried to surf from the server I am not able to.  I have tried different settings in the internet connection tab and nothing has worked.

My server Ip is




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jonoakleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open your DNS console--> Expand DNS Server--> Expand Forward Lookup Zone-->If you have a zone with a "."  Delete it

This is telling your DNS Server it is a root server
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
what happens on the server if you do a

nslookup {enter}

does it return the correct IP address?
gturcoAuthor Commented:
when I do a nslookup for I get the following can't find non existent domain

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is your router really on  that doesn't make practical sense, but it should logically work.  a more common use of IPs is to have your server reside at .2 and have the gateway/router sitting at .1 ...

is your server really serving DNS?  you probably need to set up forward lookup zones on it if nslookup is failing.

- Jer
When you set up your DNS did you turn on your forwarders?
Open your DNS control console --> right click the server name --> Properties--> Forwarders tab--> Check Enable Forwarders and add your ISP Supplied DNS servers
gturcoAuthor Commented:

Yes that is really my Ip for the router.. was the default for usrobotics


I did set up forwarding to the 2 dns servers supplied by my ISP but when I went to check like you asked the entire forwarder tab is greyed out and nothing is listed.. and I can't make changes?

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
if you manually enter the DNS of your ISP on the servers own DNS properties (instead of your router) does that make any difference (thats how my 2K server is set up at home:)
The "." root tells the the DNS query the it is the top tier or final authority and the record doesn't exist.

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