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We recently installed and configured Notes 6.52 clients (as multi-user installations) on all client PCs in a network (all run Windows 2000). We're now planning a Windows server migration from 2000 to 2003 server. Can anyone advise on a way of migrating the Notes configuration/settings from the old Windows user profile (the old local windows profile) to the new Windows domain user profile without having to manually reconfigure Notes on each client machine for that user. That would be bad news, as it took ages to get Notes nicely configured for users.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
I do not see why you want to change the client installations?
From my point of view you have not to change the clinet installations.
Only thing is to install Domino on that Windows2003 machine.
Now when your question is: how to move a single server from Windows2000 to Windows2003 machine, then there are several scenarios.
In any case make a file copy of the server lotus domin directory to have a fall back copy.
gam1002Author Commented:
Sorry, I should have been more clear.  We are not touching the Domino server.  The Domino setup stays exactly the same as before.  Our issue concerns the fact that we're creating a new Windows domain, and we'll lose our configuration for Notes clients in the process.  This is because when we join the client PCs to the new windows domain, the previous windows user profile (which contains the Notes config for that user) will be unavailable.  When Notes is run as the new windows user (in the new windows Domain), it will run the setup wizard again for that user.  I'm looking for a way to manually transfer across Notes settings/files that are associated with a particular windows user profile so as to avoid having to do this for every user.

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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Ok, I am working on a Windows2000 Professional machine at the moment.
As far as I can see is all the clinet installation depending only on the file directory where it is installed.
The Windows registry has only keys to support next Lotus installations.
But for the actual Clinet installation is the only configuration stored in notes.ini

If the icon or program link for starting the notes client contains a working directory which conatins the file notes.ini, then you will have no problems and need nothing to reinstall.
If the working directory does NOT contain the directory with the notes.ini file, then you should add to user PATH environment var that directory with the notes.ini file.
gam1002Author Commented:
Thanks for your help Zvonko, but I've finally managed to get a solution myself.  Here it is:

For Notes 6.5x installations done in Multi-user mode on Windows 2000 machines, there are two different types of notes.ini  There is an overall system notes.ini which is only a few lines long and holds nothing useful except the location of the shared data directory.  The other notes.ini files are much more interesting.  When Notes is run for the first time under a Windows user profile, Notes looks for a notes.ini for that user in c:\Documents and Settings\<userid>\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data.  If none is found, a new notes.ini is created and configured for that user, and lots of other Notes files are copied across into that directory.

We found that it is possible to copy across the c:\Documents and Settings\<userid>\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\ folder (with all subfolders and files) into the profile of another Windows user.  Bizarrely we found it necessary to copy, cut and paste in the contents of the notes.ini rather than just being able to use the file as it was copied across in the file structure.  However, if you do this and edit the copied notes.ini “Directory” field to the UNC path to the new user profile, you can run Notes as this user and trick Notes into not running the First-time setup wizard.

This trick allows you to migrate across the Notes client settings for a new windows user account (such as we need to do after the creation of a new Windows domain).  Create the new Windows user, log on as them at the PC, log off again (this creates their Windows profile directory structure).  Then make the new user a Windows Admin of the local machine (takes away any issues arising from ntfs access rights for the copied-across files).  Following the profile copying procedure above you can get this user up and running with Notes in no time (with all their config/location document intact), and avoid having to run the setup wizard again.

ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Thanks for sharing your solution with us here.
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