File info data cannot be read

Opening a client's JPG in Photoshop CS and Photoshop 7 I get the following message: This file contains file info data which cannot be read and has been ignored. The file continues to open but caused problems when used in a page layout program.

What does that message mean? How do I correct it?
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KralorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
tey to open the original picture
CTRL+A /select all
CTRL+C /copy
CTRL+N /new
CTRL+V /paste
and tell me if that works for you!
Shahid ThaikaSole ProprietorCommented:
Can you upload the file somewhere. You say that the picture can be seen. Maybe the Exif data or anyother comment data is corrupted.
Hi magtype,

Wondering here if perhaps the file has been saved in JPEG2000 format. Try opening it again in Photoshop and saving as TIF.  JPG files should not be used for page layout, anyway; that's not what the format was created for.

Good Vibes!

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hello magtype,
if you are using windows try to open it with paint.
sometimes paint works good and saving it as a bitmat or jpeg with
other name and opening the new file with photoshop may fix
your problem.
magtypeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. Here's what I've done so far.

I saved the file as a TIF and got the same error message and problem in page layout program. I also saved as a different name with the same results.

For the record I was working on a Mac but will try on a PC.

As the image is not mine I am not comfortable uploading it without my client's permission.

Some additional facts: the file becomes problematic if any changes are attempted. I was instructed to resize the photo. That's when I got the error message. I did not get it when opening the original file. I also discovered that if I placed the original JPEG in the page layout program and resized it there no problem. That doesn't help me as I need a CMYK file. Any adjustments to the original file ends up giving me the error message.

I don't know what Exif data means. My client purchased this file from a stock photo site. Is it possible that it is encoded in some way to prevent altering it in any form?

what is it that you want to do with the picture?
magtypeAuthor Commented:

The client wanted it enlarged. He wasn't concerned about the resolution. I will try your suggestion and report back.
magtypeAuthor Commented:

Duh! (slapping my forehead with the palm of my hand).

Your suggestion worked on the PC. How many times have I told people to copy and paste into a new file. But, when I have the problem I can see beyond the screen!

However, when I opened that file on the Mac the error message appeared. I am now doing the same procedure on the Mac. I will report back.

hehee ok
magtypeAuthor Commented:

Same procedure worked on the Mac. No error message when opening the file pasted into a new Photoshop file no matter what I did to it. However, when that image is placed into the page layout program the program still crashed.

But, on the PC all is fine. I placed the PC image into the page layout program with no problem.

So, although I have no answer to the Mac problem at least I can proceed with the job on the PC. Lucky for me fonts won't be an issue.

If you have any further thoughts on the Mac problem please post.

Thanks for all your help, Kralor.
why dont you just do what i said on the pc and save the
image as .pdf and open it from the mac
magtypeAuthor Commented:
I will create the PDF and place into the Mac file and see what happens. I'll also place the PC photoshop file into the Mac layout and see what happens.

With this particular job I don't care if I do it on the PC or the Mac. I'm not always so lucky so finding a Mac solution is important. I will give your new suggestions a try.
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