Power Builder 9 is working slow if developers work with pbls over the network

Hi Experts,

We're about 5 developers working witha a 70 pbls project.

We recently migrated from PB 6.5 to PB 9.0. The problem is when each developer works in the network. To open and save objects is very slow. If we copy locally everything is done fast. We checked our LAN and it's ok.

I'd like to know if there's a way to tune the PB 9.0 to work fast in a LAN...

Thanks in advance
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michaelstoffelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From my experience, working off local PBLs and configuring real-time virus checking to ignore *.sr* and *.pbl files is the fastest performing configuration.

If you have multiple team members or simply want a network location for your source, use an SCC API compliant source management system, or even PBNative if you don't care about versioning.  It's a change from the old days in how you look at where the source is.  It is no longer in the PBLs, it's in the SCM repository.  How you work is substantially changed from the old days too.  No more work PBLs (unless you manually implement that paradigm).

Are you using source control, and how are you currently set up?

In a nutshell, do not have network located PBLs in your library path.  There isn't really any reason for them to be there.
Running with all the PBLs locally and the version control repository on the network is the recommended setup.  These articles may be helpful in understanding the version control changes starting in PB 8

hi ,

i hope ur aware of applying the latest build ...
anyways one thing that i suggest in all my posts is applying the latest build of powerbuilder...

this sorts out a lot of issues ...could also solve ur speed issue...

go to www.sybase.com

---> go to the download option
---> in the download page there is a link EBFs/Maintenance
---> u will be asked to register once u go to that link....
---> register onto sybase(this will help in future)
---> there will be a selection of time frame...select 'all'
---> now when u search u will find PowerBuilder 9 latest EBF Release
---> Download it

Install this patch and many of ur errors will be solved...

there is no tuning in PB 9, nothing that i've heard of....

but even after applying the patches there is no difference in the speed then u really need to check ur LAN(switches,port etc.)...

since ur using 70 pbls which is quite large i strongly suggest a good version control system... try using VSS (Source Safe)... in this case u'll work on ur local machine and ur pbls would be synchronised...

Do ask for more assistance...


Thanks a lot

We tested everything about the virus, network, etc.. we agree with michaelstoffel... the only way to work fast with PB 9 is to work locally, and with a source control library... we think we'll work with PB Native.

Thanks a lot,

Carlos V.
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