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This is what happen! I moved this system to anohter desk and pluged the monitor etc.  Had a problem getting this system to boot up using this new monitor.  All plugs were in however, the monitor would not boot, amber light not green.  After several attempts finally this system was able to bootup using this monitor.  (Was checking networking at this work station.)  After I finished i took the system back to it regular work area and pluged it back into all of its original devices.  Now the old monitor will not work with tis system, amber light always.  HELP.  did i lose the original video controller drivers and now this system will not boot up. I even tried other monitors, no hope. I can hear the hard drive booting no beeps so all other hardware is in order.  I just can not see a thing.
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>> looses its monitor support irregularly <<    Still sounds like a hardware problem somewhere in the system. There are several things that will cause this. The main ones are:
Onboard video going bad (why I wanted you to test with another card), cable connector loose (you checked), pin/wire in connector/cable "funky".
Ram going bad, loose, or slots/pins dirty.
CPU loose or going bad.
Mobo going bad.
Power Supply going bad, or loose connections.

Since you seem to think it happened during moving the system, I would check for something loose, first.
_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check that everything is still seated good. Videocard might have come loose. Might as well check the ram while you are in there.
JuaritaMooreAuthor Commented:
video device is on the motherboard, Ram is OK... could this system have lost its drivers ... isn't monitors - always plug and play?
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>> isn't monitors - always plug and play <<   Usually. At least for bootup.

>> lost its drivers <<  I don't think so, as drivers don't come into play until windows loads. Acts more like a hardware problem, since it will not show BIOS screen. Do you have a videocard you can try? To see if it work.
Danny ChildConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
If you're sure the machine is booting properly (and it's on the network), you should be able to connect to it from Start.. Run.. \\machine-name\c$ and see it's C: drive  (as long as you have permissions to do this) - this would prove that the OS is fine.  Another good sign that the system is ok is that the keyboard lights come on, and work properly (ie NumLock toggles the right LED on and off properly)

if it is booting ok, but you still have no picture, the next thing is to follow coral47's suggestion of a separate pci video card.  There may be settings in the BIOS that relate to which card to use: pci or on board graphics (hard to change till you can see them tho!)
I take it you've also tested the suspect monitor on other pcs.  

if you check inside the case, is the cpu fan spinning properly after boot?  if it spins for just a second, or just twitches, the motherboard may be detecting a loose component, and aborting the power sequence.  

Try and simplify the system - disconnect the data cables for the hard disk, floppy and optical drives, and remove any unnecessary pci cards (network, sound, etc).  If the machine has more than one stick of RAM, you can normally run it with just one at a time, to test them all.  You should still be able to see the BIOS screen.  
It's also possible that the psu has given up the ghost, and isn't providing enough power, but it's a long shot.  Sometimes unplugging the mains cable helps.
JuaritaMooreAuthor Commented:
More observation to help with this solution.  this system looses its monitor support irregularly ... sometimes it will boot up and show video with the same screen and sometimes it will not.
hauk1netConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it possible maybe this computer has onboard video and a video card and you've just connected the monitor to the one that isn't active?
Thank you much.    : )
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