Scan failure on 4100 mfp

Hi ee.   I have a couple of HP 4100 MFP  used in very dusty environments.  frequently, we get scan failure errors, which mean we have to clean the scanner unit.  Usually this does the trick.  However with one particular mfp, this doesnt seem to work.  Any ideas what the real problem could be.
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BigFitzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well that is progress of a sort...30.1.06 is a "scan unit intake fan failure" there is a fan in the ADF unit, it will be OFF in "powersave" mode, rotate at half-speed in "idle" mode or at full speed when unit first powered on or operatiing "normally."  If the fan fails to spin up, it will give you the error--check the fan for proper operation, blow out the dust, it may end up needing to be replaced.  have fun---Fitz
The 4100MFP service manual lists five different numerical error codes associated with the message "scan failure."  If you could provide the specific code or codes, it will be realitively easy to nail down.  If no one wrote them down, use the control panel to access the error log, print it out, and post the code(s) associated with the message, and we can go from there.---B. Fitz
aduhwaleAuthor Commented:
30.1.19  is the error code
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according to hp this problem is due to the following:


 Communication has failed between the copy processor board and the formatter.
 1. Verify that the high-speed copies connect cable between the formatter and the copy processor board is correctly connected. Reseat the connectors.

2. Verify that the copy processor board is firmly seated into the connector on the intermediate PCB.

3. Verify that the copy processor board LEDs are illuminated. See the HP LaserJet 4100 MFP - Troubleshooting With The Copy Processor Board document

the led's are at the back of the printer there are three of them in a row.

OK: A 30.1.19 is a scanner lamp failed to illuminate error.  First and easiest test: Power off the printer, open the lid, and turn on the power--the lamp should light briefly during the power-on process.  Or use the "light source test" in the diagnostics menu from the control panel.  If the lamp doesn't light, HP recommends the following:  Check the lamp fuse on the inverter board (requires removal of scanner glass/lid ass'y;)  If fuse is 'open' inverter won't supply power to lamp.  Reseat cable to inverter board both at the inverter and at the scanner PCB; check lamp connections and cables; swap out lamp with known-good lamp (or replace lamp) and lastly, replace inverter board.  The actual definition of the error is: "Inverter PCB or scanning lamp failure."  My bet is either a blown fuse or a burnt-out lamp.  Good luck---B. Fitz
aduhwaleAuthor Commented:
Hi bigFitz.  Have checked the lamp.  this appears to be okay.  Still stuck
aduhwaleAuthor Commented:
Hi  psysches.  The errors message is 30.1.19  as indicated above.  would your solution still apply?
the issue is:

The scanning lamp does not illuminate. Inverter PCB or scanning lamp failure

try this..

1. Verify that the scanning lamp briefly illuminates when the product’s power is turned on (open the flatbed cover to view the lamp and then turn the power on).


Use the control-panel diagnostic menu to test the lamp. See “Diagnostic tests” below.

2. If the Diagnostic tests determine that there is an issue with the scanning lamp, you may need a new lamp.

to run the diagnostic test..

Press the MENU button.


Select SCANNER. The following flatbed components can be tested.

SENSORS: tripping various sensor flags causes a sensor-status message to appear on the control-panel display

PS1 leading-edge paper-detect photo sensor

PS2 document-detect photo sensor

PS10 flatbed-cover-open photo sensor

ADF OUTPUT MOTOR: activates the ADF motor and all of the ADF feed rollers.

SCANNER MOTOR: activates the optical-unit motor, causing the optical unit to move back and forth in the flatbed.

PICKUP SOLENOID: energizes the ADF pickup solenoid.

LIGHT SOURCE: illuminates the scanning lamp, which verifies that the inverter PCB and lamp are functioning properly.

Select CONTROL PANEL. The following control-panel components can be tested.

LEDs: Illuminates the three control-panel LEDs.

DISPLAY: Illuminates all of the control-panel-display pixels.

BUTTONS: Shows on the control-panel display a layout of the control-panel buttons and keys; when a button or key is selected on the control panel it is illuminated on the display, indicating that the button or key is functioning.

Press the START button to begin a test. Press the STOP button to end the test.

this should let you know precisely where the issue lies.

aduhwaleAuthor Commented:
Hi all, it looks like some progress slowly.  the error now reads 30.1.6
aduhwaleAuthor Commented:
Perfect.  We cleaned the fan and it worked.  I have  placed an enquiry on the part just in case I need to replace it .  Thanks!
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