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your opinions on the "Jetway N2PA-Ultra " mobo?


I recently purchased a new compuer with the following specs:
1024 Generic DDR400
nVidia GeForce FX5200 128mb
40GIG HDD 7200rpm Seagate (retained from old comp)

I have searched over the internet for several reviews on these parts all of which i have succeeded exept for the "Jetway N2PA-Ultra". I am concerned about the product due to its lack in popularity thinking that i got jipped of my money. If u guys have any idea into why this mobo seems to be unpopular please feel free to reply with ur opinions.
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Time-tested, stable and fast mainboards get a reputation - that's why there are some 'A-Brands' (Asus, Abit, MSI, Gigabyte, ...). I've encountered mainboards of all of these mfg's, and can tell they're quite stable.

I did not encounter any JetWay's (saw them in a shop, ok) - and I've never read any reviews that pursuaded me of quality of JetWay mainboards, and I don't have the cash to just buy and test some mainboard... So I stick with what I know, through test or review.
I don't think this JetWay has any benefits over the A-Brands, maybe it has some over some B brands, but - crudely put - who cares what moves in B-Brand world?

Maybe you can test the mainboard yourself, try out components on it if you have some spare ones lying around? If it works, it should be fine, right?
If you're going to do some gaming or use it as some kind of server, I'd recommend a newer mainboard. Plenty of overstock mainboards by now, and more ppl are switching to 939 mainboards, so your socket mainboards are dropping in price.

FX5200 is good indeed, got one of those myself, served well for quite some time, and best price/performance ratio (should cost about 50-80$).
I did a quick search on Tomshardware.com, and they list a few JetWay motherboards. (I didn't see your model specific)  You may at least get a feel for their boards by checking some stuff on this site.

bigsav2001Author Commented:
i havnt had any problems with the mobo, its just that wen it comes to motherboards i really lack in knowledge. The tech specs for the mobo can be seen on this page "http://www.jetway.com.tw/evisn/product/amd/n2pap-u/spec.htm". What do u base A and B brand mobos on (features,stability,upgrades etc). Is there any noticable/dramatic differences between the ASUS A7N8X-X- and the Jetway N2PA-ULTRA?
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Judging by the specs, that should be a decent motherboard. I would say if your able to contact tech support in a timely manner and you can find the downloads to the motherboard easily, then you shouldn't worry about anything else (if you can't find reviews) This is my opinion. I use Asus almost exclusively. I have had others and tested them out, and although they were not "A" brand boards they worked flawlessly. I think every manufacture has good models and bad models. The main thing I look for is support. If there are problems then how quickly, can I get it resolved? I think that is what really makes up my decision of what to get.  So far Asus has great support on their site and where I buy the MB's from (I get them ordered locally) I can take it back if it’s under warranty and they will take care of it for me.  I would look out for yourself when it comes to troubleshooting and getting what you need when you have problems. If that board hasn't giving you any problems, you maintain it, and you can get support for it easily (be it drivers or returning it for hardware issues) then I would say your in good to go.

(There's my 2 cents)

Thanks for the accept. Not sure if you wanted to split the points?
DoTheDEW335 is right about warranty; you should check if that's ok.
From that point on it's up to you, it all depends on what you're planning to do with the board. Tom's Hardware guide (see link in eccs19's post) is a good source for reviews on mainboards, they compare the boards to other brand's boards with similar features.
If you're happy with a stable working mainboard, then it doesn't matter whether you go for a brand A or B (the good brand B ones that is), but if you're going to do something more specific (gaming, encoding, compiling, overclocking and many other hardware-intensitive tasks) then you may want to go for a top mainboard (better prestations and better chipsets).

But nowadays most mainboard mfg's use the same chips anyway (sis, via, NVidia, ...), so it's up to how they finish their product...

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