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Hi Guys

Does anyone know of a product (Commercial or Freeware) that will allow you to input the details of your infrastructure (such as what software is in use etc) and then monitor for vulnerabilities and patches that match that list and alert you?

Many thanks

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to look into something like the Lockdown appliance:

Dear Ste,
You may wish to use GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.)
- Automatically detect security vulnerabilities on your network
- Provides in-depth information about all machines/devices
- Patch management. ...;-)

stewattsAuthor Commented:

I am using this at the moment but I am looking for somethingt that will alert me without me having to constantly scan. For Example, I have some machines that GFI can access for various reasons, I still need to be alerted to any vulnerable software/hardware that they are running.

I need something that looks at all vendors, pulls down info on vulns, filters it to what we use and then report and alert. Not asking alot am I ;-)
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Maybe you should check out Retina Security Scanner.

It'll update automatically on startup and you can schedule updates, you can schedule scans and make it generate reports on each scan.

If the scans are taking too long you can manually configure (it's simple) which types of vulns it'll scan, e.g., web server, iis, etc.

You can download the demo version from

There are also another couple of scanners that may help you out - they don't provide the functionality of Retina though, they are:

Core Impact

stewattsAuthor Commented:
As I mentioned previous I can't do scheduled scanned as some of the machines aren't reachable.

For example I have a web servers running IIS4 and IIS6. They can't be seen on the network but I need something that will alert me when a vulnerability comes out for IIS6 and IIS4.

The solutions here rely on the machines being scanned which isn't possible. Ideally I need a solution that pulls vulns from a central site or multiple vendors?
Okay, my bad, I have a bad habit of not reading :)

The solution to your problem potentially lies within's website.

I remember I downloaded a tool that was supposed to periodically check with Security Focus's website for updated vulns, I'll have a hunt around and post back if I find anything - sorry I couldn't help straight up.

stewattsAuthor Commented:
No problem, I appreciate all of your help so far.
Remember hfnetchk?  It's now been swallowed into MS Baseline Security Analyser.  But, it's still out there to be found, and I belive it still works.  When run, it outputs the results in text format.  With a little scripting, you can have this run daily on your machines, and have your script parse the output, and send you an email if it finds unpatched products.
stewattsAuthor Commented:
Thanks sstoyanovich

As mentioned above though this won't work as I can't scan the machines!

I think LRMOORE's answer is the closest to what I was after, I also found this web site: which does what I need to a degree.
No, no.  You don't use hfnetchk to scan the machines from your machine.  You set up hfnetchk ON the machines, on their c: drives.  Deploy it as you would any other app that you need on all machines.  In fact, set up a schedule task on all machines to run iyour script daily/nightly/whatever.

Once it's ON the machines themselves, it will run.  And if they're off the network or turned off no big deal; they miss a run.  But as soon as they're back on, the next time they run it, it will be able to run and alert you.

You are not doing any scanning from a central location, and it allows you to "catch" all machines.

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