VB6 Error 1931 with Windows Installer: hhctrl.ocx

This question is a follow up to Q_21162987.html from which I learned that scrrun.dll is not a distributable.

I am now getting Error 1931 relative to hhctrl.ocx

Please could an expert tell me if hhctrl.ocx should be removed from the list of files that Installer distributes with my app.



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MattiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Remove hhctrl.ocx from the installer.


It's freely redistributed HTML-help control HHUPD.EXE

Sugest you add this patch on you redistribution media, this control might be missing on NT 4.0 or older , so it's not very regent.

This tool maybe used to launch individual files after install:



is for htmlhelp. You can leave it
Gordon_AtherleyAuthor Commented:
So I don't need to distribute it with my app?
Free Tool: Path Explorer

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I believe this come with xp or higher. May not come with windows 2000 or lower
You can mark this file to share
Gordon_AtherleyAuthor Commented:
I've marked the file to share but I still get Error 1931 during the installation.

My app is distributed to W2K and NT4 machines so, from what you say, I need to distribute it these but not XP machines. The VB6 development is done on XP SP2.

Gordon_AtherleyAuthor Commented:
The UK reference describes the problem exactly. Skipping the warning during the install, as the UK source recommends is a sort-of fix. But it's not really a solution because my users don't like to see any error messages during installations.

Should I be looking at the conditional actions offered by Windows Installer (and which I don't yet understand)?
Gordon_AtherleyAuthor Commented:
Right on, thank you Matti
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