2000 Server Creates copyies of printers named _servername_prinersharename

I'm using a 2000 DC as a print server as well.  I recently added a 2003 Exchange server. (of coarse I dcpromo'ed my 2003 box). Funny thing... Now my 2000 box is creating copies of my printers in the printers folder with a _ before the server name and share name.  Has anyone heard of this before? a pic can be seen at http://www.usadatafax.com/printers.gif
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nihlcatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cmpolito, I fixed my problem.  It was happening because I was using remote desktop connection, and in the configuration for the connection under the Local Resources tab, I had the printers box checked, so it created a new printer each time I connected.
I have the same issue.  I was hoping someone had a solution.
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