Multiple monitor, keyboards, mouse on a cpu

How would i get multiple monitor,keyboard and mouse to work with a CPU?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have used two Gyration RF keyboards and mice on one machine, and it works fine.  For multiple monitor displays, you can use the existing dual output ports on almost every video card, or you can get a video ditribution amplifier to drive as many displays as you want.  A splitter will degrade video signals, that is not recommended.  I use a Kramer VP-300 to drive three displays simultaneously, from
teejay40Author Commented:
How would i get multiple monitor,keyboard and mouse to work with a CPU? Is it Possible?
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bobo_techConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can just plug in multiple mice and keyboards that are usb into a single computer and they will all function fine at the same time.  I have also put 2 usb keyboards on my computer when testing some things.

I have 3 different mince on my main computer (i like one trackball, my wife likes another and my kids perfer mice).

I dont' think that will work with ps2 compoinents without special adapters (ps2 to usb or ps2 to mulitple port adapters).
One extremely simple way (which may not be what you want to do, but here goes...) is to use a remote access program like UltraVNC.  This gives you remote access to the PC (you see what they see and can use your keyboard and mouse to work on that computer).

Of course, you will both be fighting over the mouse and keyboard of you try to use it at the same time.

Check out to download and install this open source (aka freeware) program.  I have used it for quite a while on many different machines and it works great.

teejay40Author Commented:
but i'll like to know how the keyboard and mouse will work independently with the monitor using one cpu
masterbakerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to have two separate keyboard/mouse/monitor setups for one computer that can access the computer at the same time independent of the other then you need to be running a terminal server that supports multiple connections.

Windows 2000 & 2003 Server support this feature.  One person can be connected physically to the server while up to two others can be remotely connected using the Remote Desktop Client (more than two can be connected if you purchase licenses).  Each remote connection gets its own GUI to work with.  You aren't taking over the console connection, so that's why someone can be working directly on the box.

Windows XP does support remote connections, but not at all like the terminal server feature.  When you connect remotely, you take over the console and the local monitor/keyboard/mouse will be locked out.

With USB keyboards and mice, there is only one cursor which any one of the mice can control at a given time.  If you want simultaneous multiuser multitasking, it will require more than a PC running Windows.
Correction: running desktop Windows.  Masterbaker is correct about a server OS being able to handle it.
another option is this here

> , it will require more than a PC running Windows

sometimes, adding cpus to MB will help, as will additional S/W investment, then you could try same PC, but, oh yes, don't forget to triple the ram for each one.
nltechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
take a look here:

multiple simultaneous users on one windows pc.  not cheap, but cheaper than individual computers. probably just the ticket for a net cafe, in fact that's one of their target markets.

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