HELP: Agents/Recruiters?

I might be looking for a new programming position soon...

And have heard great things about agents/recruiters that work round the clock and get you into great places...

But how do I find these agents or recruiters?

Thank you...
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My experience with these services has been limited and mostly fell short of the mark.  That is not to say they aren't useful but I didn't have any success.

I found them through job fairs, newspaper ads, friends.   Look in the phone book for employment agencies.  
Personally I would only use one who gets paid on success and preferably by the employer.  On the first visit interview them.  Find out what they can/will do for you.  The types of clients the specialize in both employer and employee.  Ask for proof of success rates (we get 25% of our people hired in xx days).  Ask about salary ranges they tend to locate.  Ask if you can choose/change the person you are working with.  

I would visit several before committing to one.

If you have specific desires make sure they are known and followed.  I had a friend who wanted certain types of jobs (management) but the agency never found those just many (programmer/DBA, etc) that he wasn't looking for and some he really wasn't qualified for.  If you have a hard minimum salary requirement be sure they know what it is so you don't get offered psoitions that even though would be fun don't pay enough.

Be prepared to be interviewed by the agency and then the client/employer.  Treat all contact with the agency as an employment interview.  Dress and prep appropriately.  I was actually contacted by one agency (cold letter) but even though my skills were as desired I didn't meet some of the other criteria.  They were looking for younger clients who could be fed into the management track.  In their opinion I was a little too old.  Since it was their $ I really couldn't object.

Another source in today's world especially in the hi-tech arena is the internet resume posting services.  I have a friend who posted his on one of the more popular sites (name escapes me now) and he was called by several agencies.  Some look at the sites regularly looking for new clients to help.

InGearXAuthor Commented:
I might add and split points too... : )
InGearXAuthor Commented:
Very detailed and good review...
diablocuteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, there
I have never actively searched for agency/recruiters  
but ever since I've posted my resume in and made it searchable,
I often get emailed & calls (If you don't make your information confidential, you will get calls.)

First thing they ask you is if you're still looking for a job then they talked to you about the position they are trying to fill for their clients then they ask you how much is your minimum salary requirement.

I got my first programming job thru an agency recruiter and got a copule of interviews with companies that I'd been wanting to get an interview but never could. However, most of the them have been contract job opportunities with not too good of pay.

From my experience with monster. I get about 2 calls/emails every time I update my resume there. If I don't update my resume, I don't get contacted. (This tells me that last updated date may be one of the criteria).

I'm interested to know if the calls/emails would increase if I register with more of online resume services. But I find it to be a hassle that each online job sites require you build resume from scratch. ResumeRabbit claims to submit to over 70 online job sites with one click, but I find it a little costly.

InGearXAuthor Commented:
I even know of a friend who made a script that updated his resume every day automatically (on one of the major sites...)
This is all very good info...
Thank you...
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