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CRVIEWER "Physical Database not found."

Posted on 2004-10-13
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I am using Visual Basic 6 and Crystal Reports 8
The app works fine on the developing computer(Win 2000),
but when I run setup on another computer (98,XP), I get (crviewer)
Physical Database not found.

I have installed all the required .dll's (read previous questions and got the answers)

I am using SQL 7.0 (database driver pdssql.dll) to connect to

How can I get this to work? I need to know asap Job might depend on it :( !!

Section of code used:
--In modual
Public rptEnrollConfirmMaster As New Current_Enroll_Confirmation_Master_rpt
Public rptStatementDetail As New Statement_Detail
Public rptStatement As New Statement_rpt
Public crpParamDefs As CRAXDRT.ParameterFieldDefinitions
Public crpParamDef As CRAXDRT.ParameterFieldDefinition
Public crxParameterField As CRAXDRT.ParameterFieldDefinition
Public crpSubreport As CRAXDRT.Report

    strReportName = "Current_Enroll_Confirmation_Master_rpt"
    dtStartDate = InputBox$("Enter start date", "Date Parameters")
    dtEndDate = InputBox("Enter end date", "Date Parameters")
    frmViewer.Visible = True
    Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
    Set rsParam = New ADODB.Recordset
    rsParam.CursorLocation = adUseClient
    Set crxParameterField = rptEnrollConfirmMaster.ParameterFields.Item(1)
    crxParameterField.AddCurrentValue strProgramID
    Set crxParameterField = rptEnrollConfirmMaster.ParameterFields.Item(2)
    crxParameterField.AddCurrentValue dtStartDate
    Set crxParameterField = rptEnrollConfirmMaster.ParameterFields.Item(3)
    crxParameterField.AddCurrentValue dtEndDate
    Set crpSubreport = rptEnrollConfirmMaster.OpenSubreport("Enroll_Confirmation_rpt")
    Set crpParamDefs = crpSubreport.ParameterFields
                                                        'It cycles through the ParameterFieldDefinitions collection for the subreport.
    For Each crpParamDef In crpParamDefs                'Finds and sets the appropriate Crystal parameter for the subreport.
        With crpParamDef
           Select Case .ParameterFieldName
                Case "@ProgramID"
                    .AddCurrentValue strProgramID
                Case "@dtStartDate"
                    .AddCurrentValue dtStartDate
                Case "@dtEndDate"
                    .AddCurrentValue dtEndDate
           End Select
        End With

    Set rsParam = conSQL.Execute("sp_qry_Current_Enroll_Confirm_Master_Report @ProgramID='" & strProgramID & "',  @dtStartDate='" & dtStartDate & "',@dtEndDate='" & dtEndDate & "'")
    rptEnrollConfirmMaster.Database.SetDataSource rsParam, , 1
    With frmViewer
        .Caption = strProgramName
        .CRViewer.ReportSource = rptEnrollConfirmMaster
        .CRViewer.DisplayTabs = False
        .CRViewer.DisplayGroupTree = False
        .CRViewer.EnableGroupTree = False
        .CRViewer.ViewReport                        "ERRORS HERE"
        .CRViewer.Zoom 95
    End With
Question by:JoannieJefferson
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Accepted Solution

vidru earned 2000 total points
ID: 12300389
If you designed the report using pdssql.dll, and you're trying to pass a recordset to the report at runtime (which would be using pdsmon.dll or p2smon.dll), there could be a conflict between the two connectivity types, or the active data driver might not exist on the offending workstations.

I see that you're setting the main report's data by sending a recordset, but how is the subreport getting its data?

There are several whitepapers on this at the BO website.  Here are a couple:


Author Comment

ID: 12301275
Thank soooo much Dave!

It turns out that the ACTIVE DATA DRIVERS were not installed on the other systems.

For the SubReports in the design view I just used the stored procedure database fields and passed the parameters values using the following code:

 Set crpSubreport = rptEnrollConfirmMaster.OpenSubreport("Enroll_Confirmation_rpt")
 Set crpParamDefs = crpSubreport.ParameterFields

'--Cycles through the ParameterFieldDefinitions collection for the subreport.
For Each crpParamDef In crpParamDefs       'Finds and sets the appropriate Crystal parameter for the subreport.
        With crpParamDef
           Select Case .ParameterFieldName
                Case "@ProgramID"
                    .AddCurrentValue strProgramID
                Case "@dtStartDate"
                    .AddCurrentValue dtStartDate
                Case "@dtEndDate"
                    .AddCurrentValue dtEndDate
           End Select
        End With

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Expert Comment

ID: 12410496
Glad I could help.


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