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Can not change XP Key


I have XP Pro.  I am trying to install SP2, I know lots of people advise against this, I have found that I have a hacked Key. I know have a true product key and want to change the key on my computer.  The problem is when I follow the diretions on http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q328874, I do not have the following subkey "OOBETimer'.  What should I do?

Thanks in adavance!!
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Hello sporenza =)

Windows XP Product Key Modifier:

Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder: (under Options choose Change Key)

sporenzaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the fast response, but when I use JellyBean it says that the key isinvalid, though I know that it is correct I have tried the key several times with restarting my comptuer.  Also with XP Product Key modifier, though it says that the key has been modified, when restarting the key has not.  

Please advise.

hmmmmm are u sure u are looking at the proper place for the "OOBETimer" key ??
coz if its not there then im afraid that u will have to reinstall XP in order to reactivate it again with the valid key !! =\
Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
Are you trying to install an XP Pro OEM or FULL key onto a copy of XP Pro CORP?


You have two options --
1) Run a KEYGEN and make a new CORP key that isn't recognized as a stolen key. (And keep running a pirate copy.)
2) Install your copy (OEM, full, or upgrade) copy over your pirated corporate version. Activate it. Then install SP2.

Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
The quote I was referencing has shifted so I am going to repeat it here for everyone's edification--

The way service pack two works is as follows, press the WIN KEY + Pause/break to bring up the system properties box.

Look at the registered to section on the main tab, the big ID code on the bottom line here is the interesting part.

The second set of digits will (hopefully) start with a "6"

eg xxxxx-6.... Up to now Microsoft has allowed keygens to install with a PID of between 640 and 690 (i think it is - a bit of googling will pull up the right numbers) Service pack 2 will only accept a PID of xxxxx-640-.... They were going to implement the change in Service Pack 1 but it meant they would have to issue corp customers with new keys and the timescale wasn't possible - so they have delayed it for SP2

Windows XP Service Pack 2 is coming soon. There's a lot of improvement and
security features, but be warned:

If you have a less-than-legit copy of Windows XP, you WILL be locked out of your
computer if you install SP2

This only applies to Windows XP Pro with a Volume License Product Key (VLK). XP
Home is not affected. At all. If you got XP Pro with your computer (OEM) or
purchased it (Retail), you're legit and therefore OK. If you have a pirated copy
of XP you will find after applying SP2 you will not be able to log on.

Here's why:

If you go into the system control panel, you'll see a number of the format
xxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx. This is your Product ID, generated from your CD Key.
The three-digit group identifies what product this ID is for. On XP Pro Corp the
three digit group will be 64x, where x might be number. Legit copies will be
640. In the Gold release of XP anything from 640-649 is valid. When MS found out
XP Pro Corp was being pirated, they blocked the two most commonly used product
keys from being able to install Service Pack 1.

With SP1, only the two known leaked keys were blocked. They both generated 640,
and crackers assumed ALL 640 keys were blocked. Key generators making corporate
keys will always generate codes of 641-649. These keys worked... until now.
Microsoft has never used 641-649 in any keys so they disabled them. Service Pack
2 RC1 (current Technical Preview) is unaffected, but all builds after v.2111,
including the soon-to-come RC2 and the final public release, will not let you
log on if your product ID contains 641-649.

To reiterate, and hopefully spare people some grief: If you are using a pirated
or keygen-made CD-Key, you will be locked out of your computer after installing

The reason people's keys have stopped working is because this build institutes the next step of the authentication measures first introduced in SP1. remember how in SP1 they blacklisted a few keys that were all over the net (Devils0wn - FCKGW..., etc.) - and there was talk that they were going to also blacklist any keys that were generated by the Blue List Keygen. Authentic Corp keys have a PID of 640. Keys generated by XP keygens can have a PID of 641-649. I have heard that sometimes the keygens will produce a key with a PID of 640, but i haven't tested it myself. this is supposedly very rare. SP1 came and went and the non 640 keys were not blacklisted after all. now it looks like they got around to it.

you can check your PID by hitting Windowskey+Pause or by going to System in Control Panel. the first screen, under Registered to, has a long number in this form:


if it's 640, you're fine unless you're running one of the keys specifically blacklisted (like the FCKGW one). anything from 641-649 and you'll find that installing this build and any that come after it impossible.
It should be a PID between XXXXX-640-500XXXX-XXXXX and XXXXX-640-600XXXX-XXXXX .

Microsoft did reissue corp keys to corps that had a key that did not generate a 640 PID, or was otherwise invalid under the new authentication scheme. part of the reason they did not end up blocking 641-649 in SP1 is thought to be concerns that corporations did not have enough time to change the key on every copy of xp under their roof (just look at how fast they are at patching security) before sp1 final was released. so if your corporation was re-issued a key before SP1, it'll still work with SP2 as it will still be a valid corporate key.




Set it up like this.

Product family: Windows Xp Pro. VLK
Product id range: from: 640-500
to: 640-600
Random Seed: Do not alter.

Then generate away.

It should be a PID between XXXXX-640-500XXXX-XXXXX and XXXXX-640-

This worked like a charm but make sure and reboot your computer after changing your Product ID and then test the new key at the following new Windows Update Version 5 site.


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