right click crash

explorer crashes with no error, then restarts (all open folders close, desktop reloads itself, explorer.exe disapear, then reapear in task manager)

Okay this just started happening, and it only happens on files, not folders, etc

so, it must be related to the context sensitive menu that comes up on right click for files...

to my knowledge, I didn't add any new programs that appeared in the right click menu during the last few days when this must have happened....I did install some windows updates, but I didn't notice which ones, they had something to do with gdi+

I googled it and removed a bunch of software, including winzip, winrar, stufit all of which had entires in the right click menu.  but still it crashes.

Now I am pretty stuck, and need some help with what to try next.  I am totaly fine with restoring my right click menu to it's previous state...is there some place where I can see what is in the right click menu and edit it?  this seems like the next step to me, but I have no idea where to look for this.

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nihlcatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you install SP4 as an update? I heard it's a pretty big OS update.  Try backing that out if it's in place.  If that's no fix you can always add it back.
One thing you could try if nothing else is re-creating your user profile.  

To test to see if this will work, login to your machine as a different user.  Does the right-click-crash happen now?
bebonhamAuthor Commented:
yes already tried that, should have mentioned.
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bebonhamAuthor Commented:
also I it crashes when I hit ctrl-c and ctrl-x on a file, but works fine on text etc.

is my computer fubar?
bebonhamAuthor Commented:
so what is sp4 do I need it, because it was the problem...

incidentally, this is the 2nd time windows update broke my computer.  last time it turned my scroll on my scroll mouse into a back and forward button...hmnmmm

do I just wait for another service pack, or what do you suggest :)


You should still always try to install SPs, and Critical updates, but there's just no guarantee they won't cause trouble.  This article explains many cautionary notes about SP4.
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