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i have a account that is used in the trainning lab. but soime users are using the account at other computers. is there any way i can have a script run at login that check to see if it is a tranning pc and if not it logs the user out i have about 60 tranning pc's.
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GargantubrainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The log on to restriction is your best solution (see my note about cached credentials). If you insist on a logon script, then the following script would work. Assign this script to the user. Make sure the script is copied to your sysvol/domain/scripts directory on all domain controllers.
Please note that it might be possible for the user to log in once and see that the script logs them out, then unplug their network wire and log in again using "cached credentials" and not receive the login script, then plug their network wire back in.
Note also that shutdown.exe is not included with windows and is from the NT resource kit. There are different versions of it and one of them has the -l option to logoff.

script follows:
@echo off
if "%computername%" == "labpc1" goto THEEND
if "%computername%" == "labpc2" goto THEEND
if "%computername%" == "labpc3" goto THEEND
if "%computername%" == "labpc4" goto THEEND
if "%computername%" == "labpc5" goto THEEND
(keep going for all labpc comptuer names)

shutdown -l


Open the user in active directory, go to the account tab, and click the log on to... button

there you should be able to restrict what computers it can log on from

jmaglapitAuthor Commented:
i have 800 pc in the building is there a script that run on login
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A script that ran at logon wouldnt be as effective as the method i gave above, just go into active directory and change their account to only allow access from the specified pcs.
jmaglapitAuthor Commented:
i have seen it before.  it work fine
jmaglapitAuthor Commented:
can anyone else help
In Windows 2000 and XP there is a built-in "logoff" command you could try instead of shutdown -l

The Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 4 also contains logoff.exe if you need it for systems without it built-in
Here is a page that tells how to do a logoff in various operating systems, and includes a link to PSShutdown on Sysinternal's site...

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